Phonak Appoints Angela Pelosi as Director of Global Audiology

August 5, 2019

Angela Pelosi

STAFA, SWITZERLAND — Phonak has announced the appointment of Angela Pelosi to the position of Director of Global Audiology. In her new role as of July 1st, 2019, Angela brings over 20 years of experience in Audiology, specializing in the clinical fields of pediatrics, adults with complex hearing losses, clinical development and training.

With over 15 years experience at Sonova, she has led Audiology, Sales and Marketing teams at Phonak Australia and Unitron, driven FM/Roger business development, and most recently led the Pediatric, Power and BTE category groups. 

“As an audiologist and with my long experience at Phonak, I am thrilled to take over this new responsibility and challenge, ensuring that audiology remains always at the heart of everything we do at Phonak”

–Angela Pelosi

Martin Grieder, Group Vice President of Marketing commented on the announcement, “With Angela we have been able to secure an internal talent who is ideally suited to expand Phonak’s position as the audiological industry leader, while further strengthening our hearing performance and growing our business.”

In this new role, she will be working closely with audiology experts to drive innovation in all areas of products and services. According to the announcement, she “is committed to maintaining Phonak’s strong focus on scientific research, while expanding on educational training initiatives to add value for hearing care professionals”.

Angela Pelosi will replace Ora Buerkli, who joined the company 35 years ago as the first audiologist at Phonak. Ms. Buerkli played a fundamental role in developing and establishing Phonak’s industry leading audiological position and was responsible for countless initiatives that helped shape one of the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturer. Ms. Buerkli will continue as Senior Advisor for Phonak until the end of November 2019.


Source: Phonak

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