Blueprint Solutions Announces ESCO Integration for Automated Warranty Mailings

January 28, 2020

EDEN PRAIRIE, MINNESOTABlueprint Solutions and ESCO have announced a new partnership to provide practices a “unique, automated solution to improve patient loyalty”.

Blueprint Solutions now integrates with ESCO’s free Custom Reminder Care program as a fully automated solution. Once set up, ESCO automatically receives data from Blueprint OMS and sends customized letters to notify patients with soon-to-expire warranties that it’s time to extend their coverage. 

“Letters can be tailored to a clinic’s requirement, including logo and specific office and staff information,” says ESCO Senior Vice-President of Business Development, Mike Eckert.

“At Blueprint Solutions, we continue to introduce automation of numerous daily tasks such as marketing, recalls, appointment reminders and online reviews. Our latest integration with ESCO’s free warranty mailing service is yet another addition to our ‘set-and-forget’ functions, freeing up more staff time for patient care”

–Henrik Nielsen, President of Blueprint Solutions

For more information on the program, clinics can contact Blueprint Solutions at 877-686-8410 or ESCO at 800-992-3726.


Source: Blueprint Solutions, ESCO

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