EUHA Digital Lectures Now Available Free of Charge on EUHA TV

November 15, 2020

Those who have missed the EUHA digital event or wish to watch one of the lectures again, may use EUHA TV, as a learning platform and  library for exciting specialist topics. 

EUHA digital is a series of specialist lectures that have a lot to offer. The speakers  from different fields such as medicine, science, and industry are part of a community  that paves the way for the future of hearing aid acoustics. This was particularly  evident in their EUHA digital presentations given as part of the Digital EUHA  Congress.  

“Use  our offers for advanced vocational training! Especially in challenging times like these,  keeping up to date is key. You can use EUHA TV to boost your personal education  whenever it suits you. Our profession is relevant to the social system, which makes  acquiring knowledge a duty for each and every one of us.” 

–Beate Gromke, EUHA President 

Since November 9, 2020, the European Union of Hearing Aid Acousticians has offered these special lectures on EUHA TV free of charge. It’s a present from the EUHA to everyone in the hearing healthcare sector. The lectures will be available  online until the next EUHA Congress.

EUHA members and anyone interested have a  chance to benefit from individual education. The lectures are available in both  English and German, and the presentation slides are visible on the screen. Fifteen  EUHA digital lectures are ideal for individual training: at home, in the office, or on the smartphone, whenever there is a time slot in the daily routine! 

EUHA digital specialist lectures available on include:  

  • Prof. Dr. Dr. Birger Kollmeier: “Hearing for All: From empirical hearing research  towards modern precision audiology” 
  • Achin Bhowmik, Ph.D., and Dave Fabry, Ph.D.: “The Speed of Innovation”
  • Dr. Jérôme Servais: “Networking acousticians and clinics”
  • Dr. Florian Schmidt: “Dependence of speech intelligibility on the electrical stimulation  level and changes in impedance during the first year of application: Old and new  insights” 
  • Dr. habil. Tobias Weißgerber: “Impact of the noise condition on speech perception  and listening effort in users of auditory implants”
  • Sascha Haag, M.A.: “Hearable versus medical device – competitive battle or  opportunity?”
  • Prof. Dr. Dr. Ulrich Hoppe: “Influence of fitting practice on satisfaction, feeling of  security and self-confidence among hearing aid users”
  • Dr. Hendrik Husstedt: “Custom-made hearing protectors with hearing aids as medical  devices and personal protective equipment (PPE)”
  • Erich Bayer: “Smart earmoulds for smart hearing systems”
  • Hans-Christian Drechsler: “Metrics to quantify performance of hearing aid systems in  different listening environments”
  • Dipl.-Ing. Horst Warncke: “Watch the brain listen”
  • Melanie Krüger, M.Sc.: “What is listening effort and how can we measure it in a daily  routine?”
  • Christophe Lesimple: “Evaluation of a hearing aid fitting protocol optimised for active  musicians”
  • Simon Müller, M.Sc.: “Artificial intelligence and its applications” 


Source: European Union of Hearing Aid Acousticians 

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