GN Launches Jabra Enhance Pro Hearing Aids at Costco Hearing Centers

jabra hearing aids costco
June 3, 2021

GN today unveiled the Jabra Enhance Pro — a new, premium hearing aid line-up to be launched in more than 700 Costco Hearing Aid Centers around the world. The new Enhance Pro represents the first hearing aid under the Jabra brand, which is best known for consumer audio products.

According to the company’s announcement, the new solution “makes it easier for people to take action and tackle the challenges of hearing loss. With Jabra Enhance Pro, people benefit from GN’s advanced medical grade hearing technology and Jabra’s consumer audio expertise. Put simply, it is superior hearing technology from a brand they know and love”.

According to several sources, GN will no longer offer Resound products at Costco and instead offer Jabra brand devices.


Enhance Pro Hearing Aids


According to the company, the new Enhance Pro devices will benefit from GN’s latest hearing innovation, the unique Microphone and Receiver in Ear (M&RIE), which is currently only available in ReSound ONE 7 and ONE 9 devices.

The new line-up includes three RIE-style hearing aids with features that include rechargeable options with up to 30 hours of power from one charge, direct streaming from iOS and Android™ devices and Bluetooth® Low Energy. An optional premium charger is also available, which includes a built in battery to allow charging on the go.

“We are proud to introduce Jabra Enhance Pro to help more people take action and seek care, by combining our consumer audio capabilities and advanced hearing technology. Jabra is perfectly placed to bring premium hearing solutions to people in a convenient way”

–Gitte Aabo, CEO and President of GN Hearing

Professional hearing care is available in Costco Hearing Aid Centers, and can also be accessed remotely from the comfort of home using the company’s telehealth solution, Live Assist via the Enhance Pro app.

The new hearing aids are also compatible with several wireless accessories that can provide additional help in challenging listening situations. 

According to the announcement, the new Jabra Enhance Pro hearing aids will launch first in Costco in the US and Canada from June 7, 2021 and will be available in other Costco global markets upon local registration. 


Source: GN

  1. I just used the ‘Find my hearing aid’ on iphone.
    Unbelievable!!!!!! Could not find right hearing aid after walk with wife and dog… Could not locate until I got back into the house. The signal strength and 5G location directed me into which room should be looking. Horror… It was the bathroom where the signal was strongest… maybe the waste basket… nope… maybe the toilet… it was the strongest signal but further snooping around the bathroom led to the tub/shower…. looked at all the wash rags, wire rack etc. then the strongest signal was INSIDE the Tub Drain!!!! lifting the drain up as far as possible the wire to the earplug could be seen. A fine long screwdriver was used to fish the wire and whole hearing aid up and out of the tub drain. The hearing aid had to dry for a while before it began working again but seem fine as new. Thx to the tech development team at Jabra!!

  2. i brought your hearing aids at costco month ago good hearing aids but my bluetooh only works about four days then quits had it in at costco fixed it and last about four days i have samsung galaxy a42 5g what am i doing wrong

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