New Executive Committee and Council of Honour Elected at EUHA Annual General Meeting

October 7, 2021

MAINZ, GERMANY — Elections for the Executive Committee and the Council of Honour of the European Union of Hearing Aid Acousticians (EUHA) were held on September 15, 2021 as part of EUHA’s Annual General Meeting. 

EUHA President Beate Gromke and EUHA Vice President Eva Keil-Becker will remain in  office and continue to lead the association and its successful course in a second term. Peter  Möckel was elected from the existing ranks of the executive committee as the new Vice President and Treasurer, replacing Jürgen Matthies after thirteen years of successful work.  Peter Möckel has been active in the executive committee since 2019. He is committed, for instance, to expanding the EUHA’s social media and online marketing activities. Iris  Rademacher was no longer available for election. Nicole Meyer and André Fiedler were unanimously elected as new members of the executive committee. 

The EUHA-Executive Committee 2021 (from left to right) Marc Osswald, André Fiedler, Nicole Meyer, Peter Möckel, Dirk Köttgen, Beate Gromke, Eva Keil-Becker & Tom Aerts; missing: Wolfgang Luber

André Fiedler is a master craftsman of hearing aid acoustics, audio therapist, hearing  therapist, and hearing trainer. He is also a CI acoustician and business economist. His  company, Hörspectrum Fiedler, has two branches in Fürth, Franconia. He loves soccer and  is a real family man. André Fiedler appreciates commitment, social projects are also close to  his heart. As an entrepreneur, he sees it as his duty to act in a sustainable and future oriented manner outside the daily routine. 

Nicole Meyer is a master craftswoman of hearing aid acoustics. She took over the business  Hörgeräte Meyer in Mönchengladbach from her parents, Bernhard and Margit Meyer, who opened the company in 1963. Nicole Meyer is a woman who loves to accept responsibility  and show commitment. In the early 1990s, she was one of the youngest delegates of the  Federal Guild of Hearing Aid Acousticians (biha) in the West region. Since the early 1990s,  she has been a member of the journeyman’s examination committee. She has been a EUHA member since 2016 and a guest on the executive committee since 2017. In this role, she has  taken on various tasks, for example, as a member of the jury of the EUHA Sponsorship Award. She has acted as a presenter of lectures at the Congress, and, with Eva Keil-Becker, campaigned for the EUHA’s Women Network to be launched on Facebook. 

“I look forward to the next term of office with this great executive committee, and thank everyone for their commitment. My special thanks go to Jürgen Matthies, who is stepping down as a Vice President and is now Chairman of the Council of Honour. Likewise, I should like to thank Iris Rademacher, who is leaving the executive committee.” 

–EUHA President Beate Gromke


Elections for the Council of Honour 


Jürgen Matthies from Nienburg resigned as a Vice President and Treasurer. The EUHA  members elected him Chairman of the Council of Honour. He is taking over from Werner  Köttgen, who is retiring from active EUHA involvement after a total of fifty years. Horst Geuter and Peter Denkert were elected assessors of the Council of Honour, Reinhard  Dageförde and Lothar Claußen act as their deputies. 

2021 EUHA Executive Committee:

  • Beate Gromke, President, Leipzig
  • Eva Keil-Becker, Vice President, Koblenz
  • Peter Möckel, Vice President and Treasurer, Meiningen
  • Tom Aerts, Member of the Executive Committee, Herentals, Belgium
  • André Fiedler, Member of the Executive Committee, Fürth
  • Dirk Köttgen, Member of the Executive Committee, Cologne
  • Wolfgang Luber, Member of the Executive Committee, Planegg
  • Nicole Meyer, Member of the Executive Committee, Mönchengladbach
  • Marc Osswald, Member of the Executive Committee, Stuttgart

2021 EUHA Council of Honour:

  • Jürgen Matthies, Chairman of the Council of Honour, Nienburg
  • Horst Geuter, Assessor, Coburg
  • Peter Denkert, Assessor, Kassel
  • Reinhard Dageförde, Deputy Assessor, Duisburg
  • Lothar Claußen, Deputy Assessor, Duisburg


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