Noopl Partners with Neuroscience AI Company Chatable

March 25, 2021

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA — Hearing technology startup, Noopl, has announced a partnership with Chatable, a pioneering neuroscience-based AI company.

Noopl’s initial consumer product, now featuring Chatable AI 2.0, is the first MFi smartphone accessory designed to improve a user’s ability to hear clearly in background noise based on where they are looking. The device plugs into the lightning port of an iPhone and “leverages Noopl’s deep expertise in audiology to achieve dramatic noise reduction. It not only allows people to hear better in noisy situations, but augments the entire listening experience”.

Chatable helps users focus on in-person conversation by “providing clear voice without noise, using an AI-based approach to noise reduction by leveraging real-time neural speech synthesis”. Combining the Noopl device and iOS app with Chatable technology aims to deliver an even better product for users to hear through the noise.

Noopl released a version of its device featuring Chatable AI 2.0 to a beta user group this week, with a projected market launch to follow this spring.

“We are thrilled to partner with Chatable and their groundbreaking AI. Noopl users now can add even more clarity and vibrance to every conversation.”

–Tim Trine, CEO of Noopl

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About Noopl
Noopl is a Sacramento-based startup company focused on breakthrough innovation and technology integration in the consumer audio space. Founded by Steven Verdooner and Kevin Snow, Noopl’s patented technology and initial consumer product, which leverages best-in-class multi-microphone beamforming technology, is the first MFi smartphone accessory designed to improve a user’s ability to filter out background noise and hear conversations more clearly in noisy situations. The first-generation device plugs into the lightning port of an iPhone and combines advanced aspects of smartphone technology, digital MEMS microphones, low-latency audio signal processing, head tracking, and Noopl’s deep expertise in audiology. The company’s device augments the entire listening experience and allows users to never miss a word or a moment.


About Chatable
Designed with pioneering neuroscience-led artificial intelligence, Chatable improves how you process voice and removes distracting background noise. The groundbreaking app uses your smartphone to help you focus and boost your attention on speech. Through a pioneering approach to auditory neuroscience, Chatable reduces listening effort by using proprietary artificial intelligence to make the voice of the person talking to you clear and loud for focused, easy hearing.


Source: Noopl, Chatable

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