Convey Health Solutions Announces Partnership with Birdsong Hearing Benefits™

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November 10, 2022

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA — Birdsong Hearing Benefits™ has announced a partnership with Convey Health Solutions to serve as its preferred hearing benefits manager. Convey, based in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., is a leading provider of technology and services to support healthcare organizations and individuals in the Medicare markets.

Through this partnership Birdsong will deliver hearing benefit services as a third-party administrator. These services include a nationwide credentialed provider network, preventive analysis and outreach for health plan members, a contact center, claims operation, and care management.

Birdsong and Convey also provide over-the-counter (OTC) hearing devices through an online store at In August, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a ruling to establish a new category of OTC hearing aids, which allows consumers with mild to moderate hearing loss to purchase hearing devices directly from stores and online retailers.

“Delivering innovative solutions to support access to improved hearing solutions aligns to Convey’s strategy in expanding our supplemental benefits program. This new ruling will allow individuals greater options when it comes to improving their hearing. The Birdsong team and their leading experts in hearing benefits and hearing aid devices are at the forefront of effectively addressing this new ruling and are best suited to guide our clients and their members to the appropriate hearing solution.”

Jonathan Starr, SVP at Convey

Birdsong—with a network of hearing care professionals and a philosophy of total health and hearing care—is designed to improve clinical outcomes and lower total member medical cost with proactive interventions and advanced analytics. It is estimated that those affected with hearing loss begin to notice signs in their early fifties yet very few receive treatment. Studies show hearing loss has an impact on other health comorbidities, including risk of falls and an increased sense of social isolation.

“Hearing care is essential, contributing to a quality lifestyle. Birdsong Hearing Benefits is pleased to be partnering with Convey Health, the leading OTC service provider,” said Sharon Fletcher, Birdsong’s president and CEO. “In this relationship, Birdsong will provide quality hearing service to Convey payers who desire to receive hearing benefits for their members.”

Birdsong is focused on working with health plans and hearing care providers to help the more than half (51%) of all adults who reported having hearing problems, as surveyed in the American Speech Hearing Association (ASHA) poll. Birdsong prioritizes the importance of seeing a hearing care provider for a hearing exam.

About Birdsong

Birdsong Hearing Benefits™, located in Jacksonville, Fla, was launched in 2022. Birdsong provides supplemental hearing benefits to commercial plans, Medicare Advantage, and other governmental programs.

Birdsong delivers a nationwide network of hearing care professionals through Your Hearing Network. In addition, Birdsong has subsidiaries that include Advanced Hearing Providers, a workers compensation organization headquartered in Portland, Ore., AudioNet America, a third-party administrator located in Clinton Township, Mich., and Great Lakes Provider Network.

Birdsong’s website is

About Convey

Convey is a specialized healthcare technology and services company that is committed to providing clients with healthcare-specific, compliant member support solutions utilizing technology, engagement, and analytics. Convey’s administrative solutions for government-sponsored health plans help to optimize member interactions, ensure compliance, and support end-to-end Medicare processes. By combining its best-in-class, built-for-purpose technology platforms with dedicated and flexible business process solutions, Convey creates better business results and better healthcare consumer experiences on behalf of business customers and partners. Convey’s clients include some of the nation’s leading health insurance plans and pharmacy benefit management firms. Their healthcare-focused teams help several million Americans each year to navigate the complex Medicare Advantage and Part D landscape.

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