HearingLife Announces Launch of myHearingU to Support Training of Future Hearing Instrument Specialists

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November 15, 2022

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE– HearingLife has announced the launch of myHearingU, an online career school offering the latest curriculum in hearing health education to prepare for the anticipated strong demand for Hearing Instrument Specialists in the United States. 

According to the announcement, “myHearingU is taking the lead on informing, recruiting and educating those interested in this growing career opportunity who are likely among recent college graduates, career changers, or recent high school graduates. Enrollment is now open for inaugural classes to begin in January 2023.”

The number of hearing care providers “is shrinking every year due to a lack of awareness of the career opportunity and the barrier to entry presented by going the route of an audiologist.” Becoming an audiologist requires a doctorate level of schooling at the cost of around $120,000 on average. The barrier to entry for hearing instrument specialists is much lower – including a low-cost and comprehensive six-month online course.

“We’re excited to see how much attention has been brought to hearing healthcare through the federal government’s approval of over-the-counter hearing aids. Like the FDA, myHearingU believes in accessible, affordable hearing care. There is a difference between hearing devices and hearing care. In our experience, great hearing devices coupled with professional hearing care is the most effective way to address hearing loss.”

–Dr. Kelly Stahl, Au.D., myHearingU’s Director of Student Experience

Dr. Stahl added, “Ultimately, our goal is to educate and prepare Hearing Instrument Specialists with the rigor, knowledge and skills to successfully complete and pass their state licensing exam in pursuit of a well-paying career in hearing healthcare and the opportunity to provide top-notch client care.”


Role of the Hearing Instrument Specialist


Hearing Instrument Specialists counsel clients about the appropriate care and use of hearing aids, realistic expectations and considerations associated with using hearing aids. Additionally, it’s crucial to receive a professional hearing evaluation. OTC devices do not require a hearing evaluation. When the hearing care professional is removed from the diagnostic process, ear conditions that require medical attention can be missed.

At myHearingU, “prospective Hearing Instrument Specialists will learn how to take clients through a thorough hearing evaluation, diagnose their hearing loss, and help them get into and make the most of the best hearing technology for their unique needs.”

A licensed hearing care professional is trained to evaluate hearing, diagnose hearing loss, and help optimize hearing health and communication. Each graduating class will be “armed with the knowledge and skills to successfully pass their state licensing exam, pursue a career in hearing healthcare, and provide top-notch client care.”


About myHearingU

myHearingU is the new evolution of hearing healthcare education. It is a national, online career school powering the next generation of hearing healthcare professionals through an affordable, six-month program. This 24-week online program begins with a curriculum that introduces students to the world of hearing healthcare through anatomy and physiology of the hearing mechanisms, principles and procedures for evaluating and treating hearing loss, as well as methods for counseling and rehabilitating people with hearing loss. 

Using a combination of asynchronous and synchronous materials, this program is designed to provide candidates with the essential classroom foundation of hearing healthcare that can be carried over to the clinic and put into practice with clients.

myHearingU is part of the Demant Group, a global leader in hearing healthcare built on a heritage of care, health, and innovation since 1904. To learn more and enroll, visit  myHearingU.com.


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