Audigy and Dr. Cliff Launch, A New Marketing Tool for the Profession

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March 7, 2023

VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON — Audigy and Dr. Cliff AuD have partnered to launch, a website that offers patient education and awareness, an online hearing screener, and a national directory of hearing care professionals who can diagnose and treat hearing loss.

With an estimated 48 million people in the US affected by hearing loss, the website aims to connect patients with high-quality hearing care professionals.

Audigy CEO, Mason Walker, said last year’s FDA decision to allow the sale of over-the-counter hearing aids, as well the rise of third-party payers, big-box retailers, and direct-to-consumer advertising, has raised public awareness of hearing loss. Industry changes are also “emphasizing product sales over patient care”.

“With the rise in awareness also comes a lot of competing voices and sources of information. Audigy teamed up with Dr. Cliff to produce credible information and connect consumers to the best professionals. Our goal is to build into the WebMD for hearing care – a site the public and professionals trust.”

–Mason Walker, Audigy CEO has brought together hundreds of hearing care professionals from across the US with the aim of prioritizing patient care. The website features a growing library of resources and information, and every practice listed on the site “meets either the quality standards for audiologic best practices through Dr. Olson’s HearingUp Network, or engages in patient experience training, support, and education through Audigy”.

As part of the partnership, is now offering “a unique certification program that combines best practices for patient care and audiologic practices”. Certified professionals will receive a special designation on the site, connecting patients to quality providers. The certification is based on industry best practices set by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and the American Academy of Audiology, along with Audigy’s 19 years of experience in practice management. The aim is to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction by combining the best practices in both audiologic and business management.

The new website features:

  • Content created and approved by hearing care professionals across the country that explains how hearing works and the signs, causes, and types of hearing loss. The site includes a tips blog, informational videos, and data on the importance of hearing health.
  • The Guided Hearing Experience, a free online hearing screener that only requires a quiet place and a set of headphones. Results are instant. They can help consumers determine whether they may have hearing loss – and drive referrals directly to a local hearing clinic.
  • A comprehensive national directory of hearing care professionals, searchable by zip code. includes hundreds of providers across North America and allows consumers to request an appointment with a local clinic right from the site.

Dr. Cliff Olson, who has a popular YouTube channel, said he believes the new online resource will be a powerful marketing tool for audiologists and other hearing care professionals.

“What I’ve learned from social media is that patients are highly motivated by quality,” Olson said. “When it comes to their health, they want to know what works and what quality care looks like and feels like. They want trustworthy information. Hearing care can be confusing – and is there to cut through the clutter with expert advice and assistance and connect people to exceptional providers.”


About Audigy — Audigy, the industry’s premier management group for hearing care practices, ENT practices, and health systems, helps providers deliver superior patient care and thrive in an increasingly competitive market. With expertise in finance, marketing, human resources, operations, and professional development, Audigy supports practices and their teams in achieving their goals and is helping to evolve the hearing care profession. Learn more at

About Dr. Cliff AuD — Dr. Cliff is a leading consumer advocate for the hard of hearing community. Over the past five years, through his YouTube channel, and other social media platforms, he has garnered the largest consumer following in the industry. His mission is to help consumers understand the value of high-quality professional hearing care, so they can achieve the best outcomes possible with hearing treatment. In addition to his informational videos, he started the HearingUp network, a vetted group of hearing care professionals, so he can confidently recommend patients to a provider who follows audiologic best practices.

About GN — GN brings people closer through our leading intelligent hearing, audio, video, and gaming solutions. Inspired by people and driven by innovation, we deliver technology that enhances the senses of hearing and sight. We help people with hearing loss overcome real-life challenges, improve communication and collaboration for businesses, and provide great experiences for audio and gaming enthusiasts. GN was founded more than 150 years ago with a vision to connect the world. Today, inspired by our strong heritage, GN touches more lives than ever with our unique expertise and the broadest portfolio of products and services in our history – bringing people closer to what is important to them. We market our solutions with the brands Jabra, ReSound, SteelSeries, Beltone, Interton, BlueParrott, Danavox, and FalCom in 100 countries. Founded in 1869, GN Group employs more than 7,500 people and is listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen (GN.CO). 


Source: Audigy, Dr. Cliff AuD

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