EUHA and AKUSTIKA Sign Cooperation Agreement to Promote Exchange and Advancement in Hearing Aid Acoustics

May 17, 2023

EUHA President Beate Gromke (centre) with AKUSTIKA President Renè Bürgin (left) and AKUSTIKA Managing Director Christoph Schönenberger (right) after the signing of the cooperation agreement in Zug

MAINZ, GERMANY —  The European Union of Hearing Aid Acousticians (EUHA) and the Swiss Association of Hearing Aid Acousticians AKUSTIKA have recently entered into a cooperation agreement aimed at fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing at the European level. The agreement, signed on 4 May 2023 during SwissHearCon in Zug, focuses on enhancing communication, promoting scientific findings, and improving the exchange of information among practitioners, scientists, and technologists.

The two associations have committed themselves to actively supporting further education and professional development within the industry. They also aim to exchange practical experiences from the evolving field of hearing aid acoustics and learn from them, with the ultimate goal of growing together and becoming attractive partners for their members.

The cooperation partners will work together in the areas of communication and public relations, both at a professional level and during events. Members of both associations will benefit from this collaboration, including reduced rates for participation in events hosted by either organization.

Expressing her satisfaction with the cooperation, EUHA President Beate Gromke commented:

“We all benefit from this collaboration and strengthen each other. I am particularly pleased that the members of our associations can participate in the events of both organizations at reduced rates. That is a win-win situation in every respect!”

Gromke also revealed that Switzerland will be the partner country for the upcoming EUHA Congress in 2023.

AKUSTIKA President René Bürgin emphasized the importance of international cooperation in tackling global challenges. Bürgin expressed excitement about the collaboration with EUHA and hopes that their joint efforts will yield fruitful results, which they plan to present at the upcoming EUHA Congress.

The partnership between EUHA and AKUSTIKA marks a significant step toward advancing the field of hearing aid acoustics and underscores the importance of cross-border collaboration in driving innovation and improvement in the industry. With their shared goals and commitment to professional development, the cooperation agreement holds promise for the future of hearing aid technology and the well-being of individuals with hearing impairments.

About EUHA

EUHA (European Union of Hearing Aid Acousticians) is an organization that facilitates cooperation and knowledge exchange among hearing aid acousticians and scientists at national and international levels. They organize the prestigious International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians and other specialist conferences, offering discounted fees for their members. The focus is predominantly scientific, addressing specialist problems through working groups and producing significant findings for future development. EUHA also conducts local meetings, technical seminars, and regional conferences to supplement the scientific congress, providing practical information and advancing specialist knowledge in the field. They also address business management issues relevant to hearing aid acoustics.


AKUSTIKA is an organization that provides further training seminars and a congress for hearing aid acousticians, ensuring ongoing education and professional development. They have established guidelines to ensure quality for their customers through agreements with their members. AKUSTIKA conducts targeted public relations measures to raise awareness about the importance of hearing health. They also cooperate with federal authorities to establish fair framework conditions for the hearing aid industry, particularly in the area of dispensing hearing systems, aiming to ensure high-quality hearing aid fittings for those with hearing impairments

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