Digital EUHA Spring Conference Presentations Now Accessible Online Until May 31

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March 25, 2024

Following the successful kick off of the Digital EUHA Spring Conference on March 22, all presentations are now available for individual online access until the end of May.

Accessible to registered participants, the conference offers twenty-three expert lectures covering a diverse range of topics including research & science, practical application, marketing & communication, and forward-looking themes. Presented in both German and English, the lectures are categorized into “Basic” and “Advanced” levels to cater to a wide audience. Highlights include discussions on tools like Auracast, loudness in hearing aid fitting, cognitive screenings, speech intelligibility, listening effort, and the concept of holistic hearing care.

At the commencement, EUHA President Beate Gromke and EUHA Vice President Eva Keil-Becker extended a warm welcome to all attendees. Gromke expressed gratitude to the speakers and sponsors for their contributions, highlighting the valuable information shared. She also noted that the event received certification from the Federal Guild of Hearing Aid Acousticians (biha), entitling participants to fifteen continuing education units. Keil-Becker emphasized the significance of hearing and understanding, stating that the Digital EUHA Spring Conference will continue until the end of May, allowing participants to tailor their own program. She encouraged engagement with speakers for further discussion and idea exchange.

Participants of the Digital EUHA Spring Conference also enjoy access to lectures presented at the 2023 EUHA Congress, now available on demand via the EUHA Learning Hub, providing added value to their ticket purchase.

Keynote Address: Generation Z

Michael Kienzle delivered the keynote lecture on “Generation Z,” serving as a bridge between generations and dispelling stereotypes about Gen Z. He highlighted the advantages this generation brings to the industry, being the first digital natives to enter the workforce. Kienzle offered insights on how employers can attract Gen Z, emphasizing the importance of fostering a positive work environment, meaningful work experiences, professional feedback, and opportunities for growth and flexibility, including remote work options for tasks like hearing system fitting.

Kienzle’s advice underscored the fulfillment that the profession of hearing aid acousticians can offer to Gen Z, noting the potential to inspire them through the positive experiences of customers and colleagues with hearing aids.

The Digital EUHA Spring Conference serves as a platform for industry professionals to stay informed, exchange ideas, and adapt to evolving trends in hearing care.

Tickets are available any time until the end of May on

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