Google’s Answer to Apple AirPods: Pixel Buds

October 10, 2017

As part of the announcement last week of the next generation Pixel smartphones, Google unveiled its all-new wireless earbuds: Pixel Buds.

Like Apple, and other smartphone makers, Google has moved to do away with the traditional headphone jack and is now looking to cash in on the wireless headphone market. Priced at $159 for a set–the same as Apple AirPods–Google hopes it can gain market share in the increasingly competitive wireless earbud market.


Google Pixel Buds: Better than AirPods?


According to the company’s announcement, the Pixel Buds should provide approximately five hours of battery life, and, like many other competitor devices, will come with a carrying case that can recharge the earbuds.

Pixel Buds offer a more open-ear design, like AirPods, which allow for more ambient noise into the ear. However, unlike AirPods, the new Pixel Buds allow you to adjust the fit by pulling on the cloth cord that connects the two devices together.

google pixel buds schematic


The company also boasts changes to the Bluetooth connection to provide a better, more consistent wireless experience.

Google Assistant is also available using the Pixel Buds, which offer the feature on any Assistant-enabled Android device. You can tap on the buds to play and pause music, a double tap reads out notifications, and swipe across the devices allows you to adjust volume.


Pixel Buds: Real-time Language Translation


A feature that has gotten a lot of attention in the hearable segment, offered by Waverly Labs and Bragi, is real-time language translation.

Language translation is a high-touted new feature of the Pixel Buds, which only works when using a Pixel smartphone. 


pixel buds language translation


Pixel Buds: Specs


google pixel specifications wireless hearable

Release Date and Pricing


The new Pixel Buds will be available starting in November 2017 and are currently available for pre-order online at $159.


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