Decibel Therapeutics Announces Collaboration with Regeneron to Develop New Drugs to Treat Hearing Loss

decibel regeneron hearing loss drug research
November 29, 2017

Boston-based biotech firm, Decibel Therapeutics, announced a collaboration with Regeneron Pharmaceuticals to boost research efforts to “discover and develop new potential therapeutics to protect, repair, and restore hearing”. As part of the effort, Regeneron will get an equity stake in Decibel and receive royalty payments if the company’s treatments get approved.  

Decibel Theraputics, which was founded in 2015 with the goal to protect, repair and restore hearing, has received investment from major pharmaceutical companies, as well as from GV, the venture capital arm of Google’s parent company Alphabet.


“Over three decades, Regeneron has established an unparalleled suite of innovative technologies thanks to the science-focused approach championed by their longstanding leadership team. As we work to apply these capabilities to the development of hearing therapeutics, what truly distinguishes this collaboration is that Regeneron and Decibel scientists will be working together, shoulder to shoulder, on project teams beginning at the earliest stages of research. We believe this should significantly reduce the time and investment necessary for Decibel to sustainably discover and develop meaningful new medications for hearing loss and tinnitus, increase our probability of success, and enable us to build the world’s leading hearing therapeutics company.” –Steven Holtzman, President and CEO of Decibel Therapeutics



According the company’s press release, Regeneron will provide Decibel with broad access to its proprietary suite of technologies. Regeneron will also directly participate in, and provide financial support for, Decibel’s research and development efforts.

“Regeneron is committed to following the science as broadly as possible, and we’re excited to invest in new discoveries coming not only from our labs but also from young biotechnology companies with whom we believe we can synergize. We see these kinds of creative collaborations as a promising way to extend the impact of our technology and medicines to even more patients in need,” said George D. Yancopoulos, MD, PhD, President and Chief Scientific Officer of Regeneron.

According to Decibel Co-Founder and Chairman of Decibel, Kevin Starr, “This stands out as one of the most unique collaborations that I have seen in my 30-plus years in biotech.”



Source: Decibel Therapeutics, Regeneron

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