Samsung-backed Tech Startup, Sgnl, Uses Bone Conduction Wristband to Offer Smartphone-Free Calling

sgnl samsung tiptalk hearable
May 10, 2017

Innomdle Lab was one of the first startups businesses to come out of Samsung’s Creative Lab. Its TipTalk device initially debuted at CES and received a lot of buzz in 2016. Now the company say it’s ready to publicly launch its product to the market this summer under the name Sgnl.

The company’s fundraising campaign has raised more than $2 million dollars since its debut.


What is Sgnl and How Does it Work?


Through a specially designed “smart strap” attached to any type of watch (traditional or digital), Sgnl syncs to your phone and allows you to take calls and listen to music by placing a finger on your ear.

Sgnl receives voice signal from your phone through Bluetooth. When a voice signal is received, Sgnl will generate vibration through its Body Conduction Unit (BCU) which then transmits the sound vibration through your hand to your fingertip. When you place your fingertip to your ear, you hear the amplified sound within the closed space of your ear canal.


sngl watch how it works


While the Sgnl device allows you to be smartphone-free when taking calls and streaming, it works in conjunction with the Sgnl App, which can be downloaded to your smartphone.

The app includes an activity tracker, call reminder, and smart alert notification system.


sgnl app watch 


Sngl Price and Release Date


According to the latest from the company, the devices are anticipated to be publicly available in late summer 2017. Pre-orders of the Sgnl are currently available for $149.


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