Phonak Unveils Audeo Marvel Hearing Aids with Universal Binaural Streaming

phonak bluetooth marvel hearing aids
October 16, 2018

STÄFA, SWITZERLAND — Phonak announced today the upcoming release of the all-new Marvel hearing aid family. The soon-to-be-released Audéo™ M will feature the ability to stream audio content seamlessly from iPhone, Android smartphones or any number of other Bluetooth enabled devices to both ears in stereo.

According to the company’s press release, the new Marvel hearing aids are rechargeable and will “empower consumers to benefit from remote real time support via smart apps as well as real-time voice-to-text transcription of phone calls”.


Phonak Audeo Marvel Hearing Aid Features


According to the company, the new aids offer the following features:

  • Clear, rich sound in any environment thanks to AutoSense OS 3.0 developed with artificial intelligence providing:
    • Exceptional sound quality from first fit
    • better speech understanding in noise
    • Reduced listening effort
    • Rich sound experience when streaming
  • Wearers can stream any audio content, including music, ebooks, and more to both ears from any Bluetooth device
  •  Built-in microphones allow completely hands-free phone conversations from both iPhone and Android devices while the conversation is heard in both ears
  • Lithium-Ion rechargeable option available for a full day of hearing including streaming on a single charge
  • Smart apps enable remote fine-tuning and live voice-to-text phone transcriptions


Improving Sound Quality


AutoSense OS 3.0, according to the announcement, was developed using artificial intelligence, to automatically learn, detect and adapt, which are said to help provide the best hearing experience in any listening environment.

With Marvel technology, AutoSense OS 3.0 can even classify streamed media. In a recent study commissioned by the company1, Audéo M was top-rated for quality of streaming media against five competitors. The enhanced operating system also includes Binaural VoiceStream Technology™ that, according to company studies, has been shown to improve speech understanding by 60%2 in noisy places like restaurants, while simultaneously reducing the amount of effort by 19%3 required to listen and understand.


Made for All Streaming: Binaural Streaming from iOS, Android and billions of Bluetooth devices


Today, the  Android operating system accounts for 86%4 of all smartphones worldwide, yet binaural streaming of phone calls, music, and other multimedia content directly to hearing aids has only been a reality for iPhone users (without the use of an intermediary device), who only account for 13% of smartphone owners worldwide. Empowering all consumers regardless of the smartphone operating system has been a driving force behind Phonak. Audéo M is capable of direct audio streaming from virtually any smartphone around the world.

“For years, the hearing aid industry has waited for a single solution that streams phone conversations, music, and video content in stereo from both iPhone and Android devices. Today, we’re proud to announce that the wait is over. Marvel technology gives wearers access to billions of Bluetooth-enabled devices, so people no longer have to think about whether their hearing aids will work with their phones or other personal electronics.” Thomas Lang, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Phonak




Recent studies have found that hearing aids offering rechargeable option have been cited as the top feature most likely to attract potential first-time hearing aid wearers5. In 2016, Phonak released the world’s first lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aids.

With Marvel hearing aids wearers can enjoy a full day of hearing – including streaming – on a single charge. The Audéo M rechargeable hearing aid turns on automatically when taken out of the charger.

Integrated LED lights and a new mini charger provide the usability people expect.


Enhancing the User Experience with Smart Apps


With Marvel hearing aids comes the introduction of a suite of convenient smart apps. The myPhonak app allows wearers to have their hearing aids adjusted in real-time, in any situation, anywhere via videocall by the hearing care professional. It also gives consumers the ability to rate their hearing aid satisfaction in various environments and directly send this feedback to their hearing care professional.

Finally, the myCall-to-Text app provides live transcription of phone calls from the other party in more than 80 languages. This is an ideal solution for noisy environments, or for people who prefer additional visual captions when using the phone.

Audéo M: Anticipated Release for Sale


According to the company, the new Audéo M will become available at the end of November 2018 in the US, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerlandand the UK.

The new hearing aids are also said to be RogerDirect™ ready, which means they will be able to receive signals from Roger™ microphones directly and without attaching a separate receiver in the future for better understanding  in noise and over distance. 

The RogerDirect functionality will be available as a firmware upgrade in fall 2019.



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Source: Phonak

  1. Will you offer any trade in program for people who already own what used to be top of the line phonaks?

  2. Isn’t this the same as the receiver “boots” that have been available from Phonak, replacing the battery compartment? I believe Phonak also has a model that can be used with other hearing aid brands.

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