Phonak Expands Rechargeable Hearing Aid Offerings; Announces New Roger Products Incorporating MultiBeam Technology

February 20, 2018

Swiss hearing aid manufacturer, Phonak, announced last week that they are expanding their latest-generation Belong platform with the new Naída B and Sky B hearing aids. Lithium-ion rechargeable options are also part of the expansion, including the Naída B-R RIC, Sky B-PR and CROS B-R (a solution for single-sided deafness).

Additionally, the company also announcd the debut of Roger MultiBeam Technology, now available in the new Roger Select and Roger Table Mic II.


“Around the world, hearing care professionals trust Phonak to deliver innovative hearing solutions that solve even the most challenging situations. Today Phonak builds on this legacy of trust by introducing products that redefine expectations in power, pediatrics and Roger connectivity. Our now-complete Belong platform portfolio means professionals have the flexibility to offer the industry’s most comprehensive rechargeable suite of hearing solutions to ensure the best possible care.” Thomas Lang, Senior Vice President of Phonak Marketing


Phonak Naida B Power Hearing Aid


The Phonak Naída B is a hearing aid family designed for power users. Now in its 5th generation, product portfolio was specifically developed to address the unique and complex challenges faced by this client group. Now in its 5th generation, Phonak Naída B is said to offer “flexibility to meet these clients’ sound processing needs with an additional dedicated fitting formula – Adaptive Phonak Digital Contrast”.

For the first time, the Naída comes in a rechargeable Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) form factor, for users with severe to profound hearing loss.


Meeting Pediatric Client’s Needs: Phonak Sky B


For the pedatric client, Phonak’s new Sky B portfolio features AutoSense Sky OS and SoundRecover2. Additionally, a rechargeable option, Sky B-PR, is now available to give children a full day of uninterrupted hearing on a single charge.


Roger MultiBeam Technology


Phonak introduced proprietary Roger 2.4 GHz wireless technology in 2013, allowing users to hear better in noise and over distance by transmitting a speaker’s voice directly to the listener. The latest  generation incorporates MultiBeam Technology (MBT), which uses three microphones to form six directional beams within 360 degrees.


When a microphone with MBT is placed on a table, it automatically selects the speaker to improve the speech understanding in group conversations and noisy situations.


Roger Select and Roger Table Mic II are the first products to make use of MBT. Roger Select is a versatile microphone that uses MBT to help people with hearing loss hear better in noisy restaurants or other gatherings.  The Roger Table Mic II replaces the Roger Table Mic, and now features MBT.

The company also announced the release of the Roger Repeater, which extends the operating range of any Roger network in the Roger for Education portfolio and is said to be ideal for large school applications, such as auditoriums and gyms.

The Phonak Naída B and Sky B are available in the U.S. starting this week, and will become available globally in March. The new Roger products and CROS B-R will become available later in spring 2018.


Source: Phonak

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