Delight Announces Release of Oasis-RC Wirelessly Charged PSAP

delight wireless charging psap
February 27, 2019

South Korean-based hearing device manufacturer, Delight, has announced the availability of a new personal sound amplification product (PSAP): Oasis-RC. Designed in partnership with telecom supplier SK Telesys, the new Oasis-RC PSAP also offers a wirelessly rechargeable lithium ion battery.

According to the company press release, the new PSAP amplifies environmental sound for users who experience difficulty hearing in certain situations, such as in the home, workplace or the outdoors.

“At Delight, we are committed to making hearing solutions more accessible for consumers and have launched a new PSAP that is not only affordable, but also offers exceptional user convenience with wireless charging, while providing users with the hearing support they need. After much anticipation and recently receiving FCC approval on the product, we are excited to be introducing the PSAP to consumers and begin accepting orders at”

–Jae Ho Kim, President and CEO of Delight

Featuring WattUp wireless charging from the Energous Corporation, users simply place the Oasis-RC PSAP on the included charging pad to charge, eliminating the need for frequent battery replacement.

Technical Specifications

  •  Max. output: 118dB SPL
  • Full-on gain: 55dB
  • Battery type: Li-ion 
  • PSAP weight: 3g 
  • Fitting mode: Presets by type of hearing loss


  • WDRC / Band Channels: 8ch / 33band
  • Adaptive noise reduction
  • Adaptive feedback cancellation
  • Background noise reduction
  • Wind noise reduction
  • Max 8 program memories
  • Environment classifier (quiet, noise, noisy-speech, speech, wind)
  • Multi-function push button (volume, mode change)
  • Tone sequence or voice alerts (volume up/down, volume max/min, low battery, memory change)
  • Adaptive directional microphone

Delight demonstrated its FCC-certified PSAP at CES 2019. The company will also be demonstrating their technology at the AAA convention in Columbus, OH March 27-30, 2019.

The Delight Oasis-RC PSAP is now available for a suggested retail price of $599 USD. Interested readers can visit the Delight website here to learn more.


Source: Delight

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