Lexie Hearing Launches New, Personalized DTC Hearing Aids in the US

lexie lumen hearing aids
July 29, 2020

Lexie Hearing, a new player in the US direct-to-consumer hearing aid market, has just announced the launch of a new premium, DTC hearing aid, the Lexie Lumen.

With a mission to create affordable, accessible hearing care solutions for people with hearing loss, the Lexie Hearing business model “slashes 80% off traditional hearing aid prices“. The company says it’s able to keep costs low “without compromising on quality or sought-after features, by using smart technology developed in the United States. Consumers can now conveniently purchase hearing aids online, complete a hearing check using an app, customize them from the comfort of their homes, and connect with hearing experts on-demand.”

When asked about the Lexie Lumen and what makes the DTC hearing aid unique, CEO, Nic Klopper said:

“The Lexie Hearing offering revolutionizes access to affordable hearing care in the US. We are introducing novel concepts like Lexie Rewards, personalized sound, and access to professional care, all at a fraction of traditional costs. Our mission is to offer our customers a fresh new take on hearing care.” 

Lexie Hearing: Direct to Consumer Hearing Aids

Lexie Hearing leverages “cutting-edge digital technology to bring customers convenient access to hearing care and a great customer-focused experience with high-quality hearing aids“.

The Lexie App

Once the hearing aids have been delivered to them, customers can use the Lexie App to take a hearing check and program their hearing aids according to their unique hearing profile.

By following easy step-by- step instructions the hearing aids can be personalized and if at any point the customer needs help they have access to product and hearing experts via video or voice call in the Lexie App. This feature forms part of the 2-year Lexie Care promise that includes advanced support during the first 45 days, self-guided troubleshooting videos and tutorials, and access to the Lexie Hearing Library.

The Lexie Rewards program, a first of its kind and unique to Lexie Hearing, is an incentive-driven program that empowers customers to get the most out of their Lexie hearing experience. Customers can earn up to 15% back in Lexie Rewards points by reaching their personal wearing and hearing goals.

The Lexie Lumen devices are currently available for $799 a pair. 

About Lexie Hearing

Lexie Hearing believes that people should be able to enjoy healthy hearing without having to spend thousands of dollars. Too many people do not wear hearing aids because, traditionally, they are so expensive. That’s why Lexie Hearing is changing the industry. They’re bringing a great experience to customers with high-quality hearing aids, a customer care program that proves that people with hearing loss are at the heart of everything they do, and smart technology that gives customers control of their hearing experience. 

Source: Lexie Hearing

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