Best Buy Online Store Adds New Hearing Solutions Category

September 22, 2021

Best Buy, one of the largest retailers of consumer electronics in the United States, has added a new ‘Hearing Solutions’ category to the company’s online store.

The Hearing Solutions section offers visitors an online digits-in-noise hearing assessment, developed by hearX Group, and provides recommendations based upon the individual’s level of hearing loss.

“By making the digits-in-noise hearing assessment front and center of the web page, Best Buy is making it easier for people to better understand their current ability to distinguish speech-in-noise,” said Dave Kemp, Director of Business Development at Oaktree Products. “The first step toward people taking action on treating their hearing loss is the awareness of their own hearing profile.”

“While some of these individuals might opt to go the DIY route and choose an over-the-counter solution,” continued Kemp. “Hearing professionals have a broad opportunity to position themselves as the hands-on-expert route.”


Hearing Devices at Best Buy


The new section includes educational information about varying degrees of hearing loss, the differences in technology and how to interpret results of the online test.

“By featuring diverse images of people wearing modern devices and clearly enjoying themselves, coupled with a straightforward discussion about solutions for all levels of hearing ability, Best Buy created the kind of message needed to destigmatize acceptance of hearing loss,” commented Andrew Bellavia, Director of Market Development for Knowles Corp.

Best Buy is currently offering products from Eargo, Nuheara, Lexie Hearing and Lucid Audio.

For more details, visit Best Buy’s website.


Source: Best Buy




  1. Self-diagnosis of hearing loss via an online test and purchasing hearing aid devices online without the professional assessment and guidance of an audiologist is a terrible idea. While consumers may believe they are saving themselves time and money and observers laud Best Buy for “de-stigmatizing” hearing loss, the reality is that people will be inaccurately fitted and not presented with the broad array of options actually available or given the benefit of skilled device programming. Very disappointed that none of this was addressed in this article.

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