Oticon Announces Expansion of Oticon More Hearing Aid Family

September 1, 2021

SOMERSET, NEW JERSEY –  Oticon, Inc. continues to expand the Oticon More™ family to enable more patients to benefit from the innovative hearing solution. More options — from the new miniRITE T with disposable batteries and the portable SmartCharger to new fitting options and a music-oriented signal processing program — allow hearing care professionals to better match each patient’s lifestyle, needs and preferences. 

For patients with single-sided deafness, Oticon also extends the Oticon CROS family with a new rechargeable Oticon CROS PX transmitter that is compatible with Oticon More.

oticon more telecoilThe world’s first hearing solution to incorporate an on-board Deep Neural Network (DNN), Oticon More with BrainHearing™ technology “works more like how the brain works because it learned through experience”. This new approach to sound processing delivers a sound quality that clinical test results show 8 out of 10 people prefer.*


More Styles, More Options


The new Oticon More miniRITE T style, for patients who prefer disposable batteries, joins the existing rechargeable miniRITE R style.  Both contain a telecoil and Bluetooth® Low Energy technology for device connectivity. The new MicroShell further expands patient options, offering an integrated, custom mold option for non-power receivers.

Patients can now choose to purchase a sleek portable charger in addition to the standard desktop charger.  The new, easy-to-use Oticon SmartCharger allows patients to enjoy more life on the go while keeping Oticon More powered up, dry and protected. 

The SmartCharger includes a protective lid and built-in power bank for convenient, reliable charging without access to a power outlet.  The drying function automatically removes moisture from the hearing aids.


New CROS PX for Single-Sided Deafness


The new rechargeable Oticon CROS PX solution joins the non-rechargeable Oticon CROS. TwinLink™ dual streaming technology in both solutions allows patients to access all relevant sounds in challenging listening environments and enjoy wireless streaming at the same time.

In addition to Oticon More-compatibility, the new Oticon CROS PX transmitter is forward and backwards compatible with hearing aids used with the current Oticon CROS.


Improved Fitting and Fine Tuning


Continuous improvements to Oticon Genie 2 enable hearing care professionals to fit and fine-tune Oticon More across in-clinic and remote visits. 

The new Fitting Assistant provides a guided questionnaire and pre-programed fitting adjustments. Genie 2 now includes new In-situ Audiometry for Oticon RemoteCare and new background noise level meter.  The ProbeGUIDE™ integration supports correct insertion and placement of the probe tube for more accurate fittings.

The new MyMusic program is tailor-made to help patients rediscover their love of music. The music-oriented signal processing program captures the complex dynamics of music much better than attempting to apply ordinary speech processing strategies to music.

Oticon More is available in a range of attractive colors to match personal style preferences.  For more information about the expanded Oticon More family and accessories, visit oticon.com.


 *Man BKL, Garnæs MF, Løve S. Oticon More competitive benchmark Part 2—Clinical Evidence. 2021.


Source: Oticon


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