Signia Active X: Hands-on Review

signia active x earbuds review
March 28, 2021

Last week, Signia announced the launch of the Active X instant-fit earbud style hearing aids. The devices, which are designed to “ensure better hearing without the stigma”, are built on the company’s Xperience platform and contain many of the same advance features found in Signia’s other hearing aids, but in an entirely new earbud-style form factor that resemble wireless headphones. 

The new hearing aids are available in two models: Signia Active and Signia Active Pro. Signia Active is “a starter option, designed for occasional use by those in need of a hearing edge in noisy situations, while Signia Active Pro is for those with mild to moderate hearing loss”.

Prior to the general launch, the company sent us a set of Active X Pro devices to test for ourselves and see how they compare to other hearing aids and hearable devices.


First Impressions


Compared to what one might expect when getting hearing aids, the new Active X offers a modern, high-end consumer electronics feel to the design and packaging of the devices, along with the sleek charging base, similar to the company’s Styletto X hearing aids.

active x charging base

Signia Active X devices shown in charging base. The charging base also incorporates Qi wireless charging technology for added convenience.

When set in the charging base, in their respective R/L locations, the devices magnetize in place and charge. A glowing green indicator light on both sides of the case pulse to show the earbuds are charging.

One of the most striking and surprising features of the Active X earbuds is their tiny size. By comparison to most standard earbuds today, the devices are arguably half the size.

The small size made them incredibly easy and comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, which is especially helpful for people with small ears, who often have difficulty with traditional earbuds or insert headphones.

active x earbud clicksleeves

The Active X hearing aids use the same ClickSleeve technology and wax guards found on Signia’s Receiver In Canal (RIC) and instant-fit Silk hearing aids.

Using the same ClickSleeve domes found on the company’s hearing aids, the Active X devices could easily fit a very wide range of ear canals. 


Key Features:


The Active X and Active X Pro offer a number of advanced features expected in any premium hearing aid, including long lasting rechargeability.

On a single 4 hour charge, the earbuds have a runtime of 26 hours; or 23 hours runtime with 2 hours of streaming.

Feature overview:

Feature overview, comparing Active and Active Pro, with Signia’s hearing aid performance levels. Click to enlarge. 

There are no onboard controls on the Active X or Active X Pro. All changes to the sound occur through the Signia App, which is available for iPhone and Android and allows the wearer to control the volume, programs, directionality and sound balance (Bass/Treble).

Signia App, available on iOS and Android

Additional features, such as Mask Mode and the AI-powered Signia Assistant are also available through the app.

Interestingly, audio streaming quality can be altered by changing programs within the app. Audiophiles may enjoy experimenting with various listening programs while streaming their favorite music or podcast.


Telecare Session 


We had the opportunity to conduct a remote telecare session through the Signia app, connected to the Active X devices. The process was simple and straightforward. 

Signia TeleCare

During our session, the audiologist was able to demonstrate various features and functionalities of the hearing aids. Sound quality was adjusted in real-time in the same way it would traditionally happen in the office during an in-person clinic visit. 

For the hearing professional conducting a remote session, the process of adjusting the hearing aids is almost no different then how they would be typically be navigating the programming software during an in-person appointment.




The Signia Active X offers high-fidelity sound, Bluetooth streaming and a full suite of advanced hearing aid features — all packed into a wireless earbud form factor. Their surprisingly small size makes for a comfortable wearing experience, even for all day use. 

Because these are professionally fit hearing aids, you won’t be able to purchase these alongside other premium wireless headphones. However, for individuals in need of hearing help, but feeling hesitant to embrace wearing traditional hearing aids, the Active X just might be what they’re looking for. 

For more details on the Active X and Active X Pro visit Signia’s website to learn more. 


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