AHead Simulations Announces Audio CARL and New CARL Platform for Extended Use Cases in-and-out of Clinic

AHead Simulations Announces Audio CARL and New CARL Platform for Extended Use Cases in-and-out of Clinic
March 15, 2022

AHead Simulations is releasing a new refreshed CARL platform – their first product overhaul since CARL’s introduction to hearing healthcare in 2019. This new platform includes an update of all existing CARL units as well as a new CARL model that allows users to simulate audiometry and conduct audio analysis, named Audio CARL.

All new products will be available for a hands-on demo at AAA in St Louis, USA on March 30 – April 1. 

CARL is a patient simulator made to represent a stand-in patient for the hearing healthcare industry. CARL is currently in use in Universities, Clinics, and Industry for a variety of tasks including training, research, and product demonstrations. The new CARL platform builds upon and incorporates feedback from their CARL Community users across the world. 

“It has been incredibly rewarding and exciting to see how creative the hearing healthcare community has been in finding new and exciting use cases for our patient simulator, CARL. Even though CARL began as a tool for training programs to conduct better training, we have seen a multitude of use cases outside of academia. This new platform is to accommodate many of the new and old use cases we’ve seen, and build the most asked-for next step into CARL – the ability for CARL to ‘hear’” 

–Rob Koch, President & Founder at AHead Simulations. 

AHead’s new Audio CARL unit contains; 

  • Microphones mounted at CARL’s eardrum for in-canal sound recordings
  • SPL meter functionality for quantification and visualization of sound delivered to CARL’s eardrum 
  • Audiometry functionality allowing users to “test” CARLs hearing across a range of representative hearing losses 

This new Audio CARL unit has been in development and validation at the National Centre for Audiology for the past two years. A large-scale validation of the Audiometry functionality is currently being completed. 

“We’ve been working with AHead on developing Audiometry simulation with CARL for several years. We really wanted to be able to use CARL for Audiometry, so that our students can practice with real audiometers. We program CARL with specific audiograms and are asking students and instructors to test CARL’s thresholds and to provide feedback on what they think of the simulator,” says Susan Scollie, Director of the National Centre for Audiology in London, Canada.

“Our early data look very promising, with good agreement between the audiograms and the test results, and high ratings of CARL’s usefulness as an Audiometry simulator. We plan to finish this work and share it with the field as soon as we can”

–Susan Scollie, Director of the NCA 

AHead will be exhibiting at AAA 2022 in St Louis, Missouri, at booth 404. Stop by for a hands-on demo of the all new CARL, and see for yourself how this new tool can be used.

The Audio CARL unit will be available for a limited-launch pre-order as of March 30, 2022. 

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