HearUSA to Carry Sony’s Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids at Centers Nationwide in 2023

hearusa sony otc hearing aids
Hearing Health & Technology Matters
December 15, 2022

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FLORIDA — Responding to the Food and Drug Administration’s recent approval of over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids, today HearUSA announced that it will offer Sony’s new over-the-counter hearing aids. The first two models – the Sony CRE-C10 and Sony CRE-E10 – will be available for clients to purchase early next year in all HearUSA centers and online.

According to HearUSA President James Gilchrist, OTC hearing aids have the potential to increase the number of people who address their hearing loss by improving the overall awareness of the importance of hearing health; providing affordable access to hearing solutions for those with mild to moderate hearing loss; and empowering Americans to start their hearing health journey sooner.

Further, as a strong consumer brand, “Sony will help shatter the stigma associated with hearing loss and guide more people towards better hearing health.”

“Sony’s OTC hearing aids, built on their world-renowned leadership and experience in audio technology, will accelerate HearUSA’s new brand vision to bring the ‘Sound of the New Age’ to millions of new clients nationwide. Sixty-five percent of the people in the United States with hearing loss do not wear hearing aids.1 OTC hearing aids will help raise awareness about hearing health and engage more clients with an effective solution to start on the journey to better hearing health sooner – one to be guided by our hearing care professionals.”

–HearUSA President, James Gilchrist

The new Sony models “blend comfort and technology to reconnect consumers with mild to moderate hearing loss to what matters most.”2

HearUSA has developed a guided process to help clients discover whether they are a good candidate for OTC hearing aids based on their type and severity of hearing loss.

According to the announcement, “HearUSA will educate clients on the importance of a comprehensive hearing aid evaluation and the role of hearing care professionals in diagnosing and improving their overall hearing health and wellness. Service packages will be available for OTC candidates that want the support of a hearing care professional on their hearing health journey.”

Available to Purchase at HearUSA Centers in 2023

Sony’s new OTC hearing aids will be available for purchase in early 2023 at HearUSA hearing centers nationally and online at the HearUSA website, where consumers will also be guided through a hearing screening and questionnaire to determine if OTC hearing aids are right for them.

“The addition of Sony’s OTC hearing aids to our already industry-leading portfolio of prescription solutions is as significant for our hearing care professionals as it is for our clients. The first step in a client’s hearing health journey should always begin with professional consultation. Now, thanks to this collaboration, our HCPs nationwide are equipped with a complete portfolio of the world’s best hearing aid solutions for all clients, across all levels of hearing loss and budget.”

–HearUSA’s Senior Director, Professional Development Sheneekra Adams, AuD.

 The availability of the Sony models through HearUSA comes on the heels of the company’s launch of a “bold new brand and brand vision – Sound of the New Age – dedicated to transforming the way hearing care is delivered in the United States.”

For more information on HearUSA, visit www.hearusa.com

1 Quick Statistics About Hearing. (2021, March 25). www.nidcd.nih.gov. Retrieved October 11, 2022, from https://www.nidcd.nih.gov/health/statistics/quick-statistics-hearing

2 Sony | Hearing control app – Use app on smartphone to personalize settings. Download app at Google Play and the App Store. Network services, content, and operating system and software subject to terms and conditions and may be changed, interrupted or discontinued at any time and may require registration.

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