Clinical Study Finds Absolute Audio Labs’ Amadeus RiC Hearing Aid Outperforms Competitors in Music Streaming

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May 12, 2023

HILVERSUM, NETHERLANDS — Dutch audio software pioneers, Absolute Audio Labs (AAL), have recently conducted a clinical study showcasing the performance of their Amadeus RiC hearing aids in music streaming. The study aimed to compare two popular receiver-in-canal (RiC) hearing aid models with AAL’s Amadeus for music perception.

The Amadeus, built on the PYOUR Audio Hearing 2.0 platform, is the successor to the company’s award-winning PYOUR Eccellenza AI premium+. A double-blinded study was conducted, involving twelve subjects with binaural sensorineural hearing loss. The results revealed that AAL’s RiC hearing aid prototype outperformed the other two hearing aids, particularly in jazz and popular music genres. A key distinguishing factor of AAL’s device is its focus on music quality, incorporating revolutionary compression technology that preserves audio dynamics without distortion.

Kars Tjepkema, a BSc student completing his Master’s in Technical Medicine at the Technical University of Delft, served as the principal author of the study. Jan de Laat, PhD, from TU Delft/Technical Medicine, along with Kauê Werner M.Eng and Johannes Lyzenga, PhD, from the AAL R&D team, supervised the research. AAL has always been dedicated to music enjoyment, releasing various products and innovations based on the PYOUR Audio platform since its establishment in 2016. They have prioritized addressing the lackluster performance of hearing aids for music, evident through their previous award-winning Parrot Zik Headphones adaptation.

Aernout Arends, CEO and Founder of Absolute Audio Labs, expressed his belief that music enjoyment has been overlooked by many prominent players in the hearing industry. However, the introduction of over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids and product launches by major audio brands like Sony and Jabra are raising awareness about the need for improved performance in hearing aids for music.

Music enjoyment has always been considered of minor importance by many large hearing industry players, but we believe that the introduction of the OTC hearing aid category and product launches by major audio brands like Sony and Jabra will trigger further awareness to the problem of the underwhelming performance of hearing aids for music in general

–Aernout Arends, CEO and Founder of Absolute Audio Labs.

AAL intends to conduct further clinical studies comparing music and speech-related aspects as part of the development of the third generation of the PYOUR Audio Hearing platform. These studies will be carried out in collaboration with leading institutions and innovation partners, supported by co-funding from the European Union and the “Kansen voor West” regional program.

A full copy of the study and further information can be obtained by sending a message to [email protected].


Source: AAL


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