Auditdata Introduces Upgraded Practice Management Software for Hearing Care

September 18, 2023

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – Auditdata has introduced its newly revamped Manage Solution, designed to cater to the needs of hearing care clinics and enhance the customer experience for individuals with hearing impairments. This innovative Practice Management Software (PMS) aims to streamline operations, improve accessibility, and optimize workflows for hearing practices.

The updated audiology PMS, offered as a cloud-based solution, eliminates manual processes and brings order to patient data management. By providing a comprehensive guide for hearing specialists throughout the patient journey, the software minimizes errors, saves time, and ultimately delivers improved care to those with hearing impairments.

Notable features of the Manage Solution include guided activity workflows, which standardize and optimize appointment-related tasks, unified data management to ensure data accuracy and personalized care, automated task management for efficient patient follow-ups, real-time messaging to keep patients informed and punctual, and seamless integration with Noah to address clinic challenges effectively.

Furthermore, Auditdata offers global support and security through multilingual assistance, ISO certification, and Microsoft Azure hosting to cater to hearing clinics worldwide.

“It’s so exciting for me to see the latest and greatest iteration of Auditdata Manage, which is an absolute game-changer, with improved functionality and plenty of significant benefits.  But we’ll never rest on our laurels. Our future vision is to continue using innovation, data, and AI functionality to revolutionize and transform the audiology industry, optimizing and elevating the way audiology is delivered” 

–Kurt Bager, Chief Executive Officer at Auditdata

Sean Shoffstall, Chief Product Officer at Auditdata, emphasized the significance of Manage in streamlining clinic workflows and its adaptability to changing market conditions, ultimately enabling hearing care providers to spend more quality time with their patients.

Auditdata’s offers an extensive onboarding program, including e-learning courses, certification programs, and personalized support, to ensure a seamless adoption process for hearing care providers seeking to optimize their services.


Source: Auditdata

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