Contacta Introduces the RX-30 Rechargeable Loop Listener for Inclusive Sound Access

contacta rx-30
November 8, 2023

Assistive listening specialists, Contacta Systems, have unveiled the RX-30, a groundbreaking rechargeable loop listener designed to provide enhanced sound access to individuals in various settings, including theaters, places of worship, and educational institutions.

The RX-30 serves as a comprehensive wireless receiver specifically crafted to cater to people with hearing loss who may not use hearing aids or cochlear implants. This pocket-sized rechargeable device is engineered to capture signals transmitted by existing hearing loop systems deployed in numerous venues worldwide, including theaters, auditoriums, places of worship, public halls, and community centers.

Contacta’s RX-30 is equipped with essential features, including a bass cut filter, a flat frequency response, and adjustable volume control. Additionally, the product comes with headphones that enable users to comfortably and easily access clear sound.

Designed by Contacta’s in-house team, the RX-30 boasts an impressive battery life of up to 50 hours and offers a variety of charging options through base stations that can accommodate one, five, ten, fifteen, or twenty receivers.

“The RX-30 allows any venue with a large area hearing loop to provide clear sound to customers who may struggle to hear. The prevalence of hearing loss is on the rise, and many of those affected do not use hearing aids. The RX-30 bridges this gap by delivering speech or music from a microphone, via the hearing loop, directly to the RX-30’s headphones or any other compatible device with a 3.5mm jack. This product ensures a seamless listening experience, eliminating background noise and low-frequency hums, making venues more accessible.”

–Ran Meyrav, Head of New Business Development at Contacta

One of the unique features of the RX-30 is its rechargeable capability, which addresses the demand from the customer base. The innovative charging mechanism prevents accidental charging of standard batteries. The inclusion of a convenient drop-in charging station eliminates the need for cables, ensuring that the units are easily located when customers require them.

“The RX-30 offers enhanced flexibility for both venues and users,” added Ran Meyrav.

The RX-30 is now available for order, marking a significant advancement in inclusive sound access solutions.


About Contacta Systems:

Contacta Systems is a leading provider of assistive listening solutions, specializing in the design, manufacture, and installation of technologies such as hearing loops, RF, IR, and window intercom systems. The company’s mission is to create inclusive and hearing-accessible environments through innovative solutions.


Source: Contacta Systems

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