Amplifi Hearing’s EarScript™ Honored with Hearing Technology Innovator Award

November 10, 2023

LEDERACH, PENNSYLVANIA — Amplifi Hearing announced today that it has been recognized for EarScript in the fourth annual Hearing Technology Innovator Awards Competition. EarScript is an iPad app and patented process that enables patients to listen to various environments and compare popular brands and models of hearing aids based on their own hearing profile.

The annual awards program by Hearing Health & Technology Matters (HHTM) acknowledges technological innovation and accomplishments in the hearing industry. This year’s program featured numerous innovative technologies submitted by companies from all around the world across eight distinct categories.

EarScript was honored with the esteemed Innovation Award in the Service Delivery: Clinical Products category. The EarScript iPad app, covered by U.S. and Canadian patents, is uniquely designed to offer a seamless and efficient experience in the clinic, effectively enhancing the amplification journey. It stands as the exclusive product enabling patients to hear and compare the sounds produced by different brands and models of hearing aids, all programmed to their specific audiometric profile, across various listening environments.

“We’re incredibly proud to be recognized for  our innovative EarScript product and thank HHTM and those who voted for EarScript. We believe that innovation is key to success in this industry and our iPad app helps enhance the patient’s hearing care journey. We appreciate the recognition and will be making some  additional exciting announcements about EarScript in the next month.” 

–Dave Davis, Co-founder of Amplifi

“The Innovator Awards aim to acknowledge the individuals and organizations that transform groundbreaking hearing care concepts into reality,” explained Dr. Robert Traynor, member of  the 2023 Awards program judge’s panel. “Companies like Amplifi Hearing are playing a pivotal  role in advancing innovation throughout the industry.” 

Intended for use by hearing care providers, EarScript first matches a customer’s hearing  thresholds to one of 12 profiles based on established norms for the most common audiogram patterns. Once the correct profile is selected, the algorithm then selects sound files representing common listening conditions which were recorded from the leading makes and  models of hearing aids using a documented technical process based on industry best practice. 

With EarScript, each patient can quickly assess the performance of different hearing aids, become engaged in which product sounds best for them and feel empowered that they are making an informed decision regarding their care. EarScript also benefits the provider by  creating a more personalized selection process, reducing hearing aid demos and resulting in higher patient satisfaction overall. 


About Amplifi Hearing, LLC 

Amplifi was formed in 2021 by industry veterans Dr. Tom Powers and Dave Davis, with a mission  to help improve how hearing care is delivered through practical innovation. We’re  headquartered in suburban Philadelphia and are partnering with some of the industry’s leading  companies to bring tools that help improve the hearing aid selection and dispensing process,  leading to better patient satisfaction and productivity for hearing care providers. For more  information, please visit our website at

About HHTM 

Hearing Health & Technology Matters (HHTM) provides timely information and lively insights to  anyone who cares about hearing loss. Readers and contributors are drawn from many sectors  of the hearing field, including practitioners, researchers, manufacturers, educators, and,  importantly, consumers with hearing loss and those who love them. By involving all these  groups, we hope to bridge the gaps in knowledge that so often divide them. 

About the Hearing Technology InnovatorAwards 

The Hearing Technology Innovator Awards is an international awards program designed to  recognize and celebrate innovation within the hearing industry. Since its inception, the program  has helped raise over $25,000 for hearing charities.


Source: Amplifi Hearing

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