ReSound’s “Gift of Hearing” Campaign Helps Hundreds Thanks to Support of Over 200 Hearing Care Practices

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May 23, 2023

BLOOMINGTON, MINNESOTA — ReSound has successfully concluded its annual Gift of Hearing donation campaign, benefiting individuals across the United States. Through collaboration with 209 hearing care practices in 47 states, ReSound facilitated the distribution of 519 hearing aids to 260 recipients, completely free of charge.

The campaign, which commenced in December 2022 and concluded in April 2023, aimed to assist individuals experiencing financial hardships in accessing vital hearing care technology.

Expressing gratitude for the collective efforts of the hearing care professionals involved, Mikkel Knudsen, President of ReSound U.S. Commercial, acknowledged their invaluable contributions:

“Once again, we are privileged to work with so many amazing hearing care professionals that donated their time and talent to give a life-changing experience to people in their communities”

–Mikkel Knudsen, President, ReSound U.S. Commercial

Introduced in 2020, the Gift of Hearing campaign has consistently partnered with hearing care professionals to extend support and technology to individuals with hearing loss. Each participating practice was provided with ReSound OMNIA hearing aids to be awarded to a nominated patient selected by the respective practice. By collaborating with these professionals, ReSound aimed to address the challenges faced by individuals who encounter financial barriers in accessing quality hearing care.

Statistics from the Hearing Loss Association of America indicate that approximately 48 million Americans are affected by some form of hearing loss. However, only one in five individuals with hearing loss utilize hearing aids. In light of this, Knudsen emphasized the importance of extending assistance to those who lack access to essential hearing care and technology. He stated, “We want to help when someone cannot access quality hearing care and technology,” while expressing gratitude towards the hearing care professionals who make a significant difference as hearing care experts within their communities.

Looking ahead, ReSound has announced that the Gift of Hearing campaign will resume in November 2023 for the 2023-24 period.


Source: ReSound

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