Mimi Hearing Technologies and Analog Devices Collaborate for Sound Personalization in Premium Consumer Electronics

mimi analog devices collaboration
November 8, 2023

BERLIN, GERMANY – Mimi Hearing Technologies, a leading global expert in sound personalization technology, has announced a collaborative effort with Analog Devices (ADI), a renowned global semiconductor innovator, to introduce sound personalization to the high-end consumer electronics market. This initiative utilizes ADI’s state-of-the-art ADAU1860 audio platform.

With access to the world’s largest database of digital hearing profiles, Mimi Hearing Technologies seeks to revolutionize the way individuals perceive sound. Their mission involves providing more immersive sound experiences through advanced audio signal processing techniques.

Mimi accurately assesses the unique hearing characteristics of each individual and tailors personalized sound profiles that enhance audio content across various platforms.

Personalizing the Sound Experience

By harnessing ADI’s audio expertise and heritage, Mimi aims to extend its sound personalization technology to a wider range of headphone manufacturers. This collaboration empowers these companies to offer tailored audio experiences to their customers.

“We are pleased to work with ADI to expand the reach of our sound personalization technology. By integrating Mimi’s innovative technology with ADI’s cutting-edge solutions, we can bring personalized audio experiences to a broader audience, enabling more people to enjoy sound in a way that suits their unique hearing abilities.”

–Florian Schneidmadel, CEO at Mimi Hearing Technologies

Matthew Tyler, Managing Director of the Consumer Business Unit at ADI, highlighted the significance of this partnership, stating, “We are delighted to combine Mimi’s sound personalization solutions with ADI’s latest high fidelity, low latency audio processors to bring additional value to our customers and create richer, more personalized consumer experiences to enhance our daily lives.”

This collaboration between Mimi Hearing Technologies and ADI represents a substantial advancement in the consumer audio industry. By making sound personalization accessible to a broader clientele, both companies are committed to reshaping the way individuals engage with audio content, with the goal of ensuring that more people can enjoy the benefits of personalized sound experiences.


About Mimi Hearing Technologies

Mimi Hearing Technologies is the global leader in sound personalization technology for consumer audio devices. Based in Berlin, Germany, Mimi tailors audio to provide richer and more immersive sound experiences adapted to individual hearing profiles.


Source: Mimi Hearing Technologies

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