Windows 11 Enhances Accessibility for Hearing Aid Users with Bluetooth® LE Audio Support

windows 11 bluetooth le audio hearing aids
October 19, 2023

REDMOND, WASHINGTON – Microsoft announced a new update for Windows 11, enhancing accessibility for some users with hearing aids. The recent Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25977 introduces compatibility with hearing aids equipped with Bluetooth® LE Audio technology, allowing seamless pairing with Windows 11 PCs.

This innovative feature will initially be accessible on select Windows devices boasting Bluetooth® LE Audio support.

Users equipped with modern hearing aids will be able to pair their devices, stream audio, and engage in calls directly through their Windows PCs, marking a substantial advancement in accessibility and convenience.

Improving Hearing Accessibility with Bluetooth® LE Audio

Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Audio represents the next generation of audio streaming technology, designed to improve power efficiency, minimize latency, and enhance bandwidth for wireless audio transmission. LE Audio, alongside innovations like Auracast™, is set to further expand Bluetooth’s impact in the audio streaming realm, with wireless earbuds emerging as a central driver of this growth.

This new technology introduces various features and an improved audio quality, coexisting with the established Classic Audio standards but offering significant advantages in terms of power consumption and performance.

Microsoft acknowledges that the inclusion of Bluetooth LE Audio support will gradually extend to a broader range of devices in the months ahead, making this capability more widely available.

Furthermore, the tech giant is committed to expanding the functionality of hearing aids on the Windows platform. Future updates will empower users to control audio presets directly within Windows settings, providing even greater control and customization over their auditory experience.

While LE Audio is not yet widely available in hearing aids, ReSound’s Nexia hearing aids and Signia’s IX hearing aids are said to be compatible with the new LE Audio standard.

Readers interested to learn more in this area can view Andrew Bellavia’s presentation from the Computational  Audiology’s VCCA 2023 conference linked below:



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Source: Microsoft

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