AAVAA Unveils Brain-Computer Interface System for Smart Glasses

March 19, 2024

MONTREAL, CANADA — AAVAA, a trailblazer in practical brain-computer interfaces (BCI), has announced the release of its cutting-edge technology tailored for integration into Smart Glasses.

The AAVAA BCI System for Smart Glasses promises to revolutionize device control, offering a groundbreaking solution for AR/VR, smart home, gaming, and assistive technologies. This innovation represents a significant stride forward in both accessibility and immersive experience technology, setting a new standard for convenience and functionality.

Naeem Komeilipoor, Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of AAVAA, envisions a future where simple gestures like blinks or winks can seamlessly interact with digital devices.

“Imagine being able to capture photos with a simple blink, type an email using eye movements or allowing wheelchair users to control their smart devices in their home with a wink. Our vision is to empower businesses with tools that enhance functionality, accessibility, and user engagement. This marks the beginning of a journey toward a more immersive and accessible digital future for everyone.”

The AAVAA BCI System for Smart Glasses boasts several advanced features:

  • Interpretation of brain and bio-signals for tracking user attention, facial gestures, and gross eye movement for command and control.
  • Utilization of proprietary fabric and polymer sensors that set a new standard in comfort and signal quality, distinguishing between intentional and accidental movements for unparalleled accuracy.
  • Seamless integration of AAVAA’s BCI technology into existing designs, facilitating swift time-to-market for BCI-enabled devices.

Powered by a computationally light algorithm and a small, standalone microcontroller, ensuring fast response times in sleek, compact designs.

“Whether it’s creating more immersive gaming experiences or providing assistive technologies with more intuitive interfaces, AAVAA’s BCI System for Smart Glasses is equipped to meet the diverse needs of many applications,” remarked Komeilipoor.

For further details about AAVAA and their accessible technology solutions, please visit their website at www.aavaa.com.



AAVAA is a leading provider of accessible technology solutions dedicated to breaking down barriers and improving accessibility for individuals with disabilities, as well as enabling hands-free command and control in a variety of consumer and professional applications. With a range of innovative products and services, AAVAA strives to empower and enhance the lives of people by leveraging the power of technology. To learn more, visit www.aavaa.com.

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