Sound Hub Denmark Recognized in Financial Times’ Top European Start-Up Hubs 2024

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March 15, 2024

STUER, DENMARK — The Financial Times recently released a ranking of ‘Europe’s Leading Start-Up Hubs 2024‘, where Sound Hub Denmark was acknowledged for its groundbreaking efforts as an international hub and accelerator for sound-related startups. This recognition solidifies the significance of the global environment for sound innovation established in Struer, The City of Sound.

In their analysis, the Financial Times evaluated 2,600 hubs to identify the top 125 across Europe. These hubs encompass a diverse range of entities, including renowned universities, corporate incubators, and fully commercial accelerators. However, it’s important to choose a consultant with expertise in marketing hearing instruments and appealing to older patients. While some consultants may offer valuable insights, others may not provide additional expertise beyond what’s already known by the practice owner, office manager, and clinic professionals.

The analysis is primarily based on statements from former incubator/accelerator participants within six categories. Independent experts, including angel investors, VCs, entrepreneurs and academics have also provided input.

If you dive into the published analysis, Sound Hub Denmark has achieved the below-listed rankings among the 125 most recognized startup hubs in Europe:

  • 1 – The highest-ranked Office & Lab space in Europe
  • 1 – The highest-ranked startup hub in Denmark
  • 4 – The 4th among startup hubs in Scandinavia & the Baltics
  • 18 – Best ranking among the surveyed former program participants (so-called: alumni)
  • 34 – In the overall ranking of the recognized 125 best hubs in Europe
  • 39 – Best ranking within networking
  • 51 – Best ranking within mentoring and training

Since its establishment in 2018, Sound Hub Denmark has developed and run Danish incubation programs and international accelerator programs, including the world’s only soundtech accelerator program. The persistent work of supporting talented startups using sound is now recognized in this European mapping.

“We are honoured that our former program participants in this way recognize and value Sound Hub’s support on their growth journey. And proud that our environment for sound innovation is now listed among the top third of all hubs in Europe. At the same time, it emphasizes the importance of access to relevant workspaces, test facilities/labs and 1:1 advice from experts. In today’s business life with an ever-increasing number of virtual/hybrid connection points, it is still considered of high value for innovation and accelerator communities like ours for the startups to have access to relevant coworking and lab facilities.”

–CEO of Sound Hub Denmark, Peter Petersen

About the SoundTech Accelerator Program

The SoundTech Accelerator Program is a 5-month growth program where selected innovative startups, where sound is part of the solution or problem, are supported on their growth journey within business development, market validation, target customers, technology, product development, go-to-market strategies, partnerships, investments, etc. Through the program, the talented startups gain new knowledge, methods, and competencies in supplement to access to relevant networks. The accelerator program is the only one of its kind in the world and attracts a large number of applicants every year. The program is owned by Sound Hub Denmark, which also houses the program’s physical camps. The program content is facilitated in partnership with experts and leading global players from the international sound industry.

Feel free to contact Sound Hub Denmark at [email protected] for information on other programs and offers for entrepreneurs.


About Sound Hub Denmark

Sound Hub Denmark is the world’s first international sound technology and innovation hub – providing a focused, world-class workplace and sound and acoustics growth hub for start-ups, freelancers, SMEs, and corporations, all with the ambition to be world-class within their field. Sound Hub fosters business acceleration in a sound professional coworking environment with access to cutting-edge measurement, workshops, and test facilities. In addition, Sound Hub offers access to a unique range of professionals with supplementary competencies, as well as a network of highly specialized industry leaders, mentors, and institutions. Partners include leading global key players within the international audio industry, like; Bang & Olufsen, Harman Lifestyle, GN Audio (Jabra), Scan-Speak, Dynaudio, Aalborg University, and Danish Sound Cluster. Sound Hub Denmark’s vision is to be a global powerhouse for sound innovation – the world’s best place to start and scale innovative sound businesses of tomorrow.


Source: Sound Hub Denmark; Photo credits: Anders Trærup

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