Unitron Expands Vivante Line with New Stride V-UP Ultra Power BTE

stride v-up bte hearing aid
March 20, 2024

KITCHENER, ONTARIO — Unitron is introducing the Stride V-UP behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid to its existing Vivante portfolio. This new ultra power BTE model is designed specifically for individuals with severe-to-profound hearing loss who prioritize device aesthetics, comfort, and ease of use.

The Stride V-UP represents an expansion of Unitron’s offerings to better serve a wider range of hearing aid users. As a 675 standard battery BTE, it features the company’s latest sound performance technology tailored for power wearers. Notable features include seamless Made For All direct connectivity to multiple devices and a telecoil.

“By growing the Vivante portfolio, we can provide our most advanced technology to even more hearing aid wearers. Stride V-UP addresses the needs of those with severe to profound hearing loss.”

–Nicola McLaughlin, Unitron’s senior director of marketing

The new power BTE aids employ advanced automation to continuously adjust to changing environments, enhancing desired sounds while minimizing background noise. Wearers can enjoy direct streaming of audio, calls, and more to their hearing aids via seamless Bluetooth connectivity with multiple devices.

Additionally, Vivante hearing aids enable wearers to conveniently control and make adjustments through the Remote Plus app. This user-centric app allows for easy navigation and on-the-go changes like volume control, program selection, speech boosting, and listening comfort enhancement.

Unitron designed the Remote Plus app to provide a modern experience optimized for the Stride V-UP and other Vivante models. Users have access to intuitive, real-time adjustments to better personalize their listening experience as needed.

With the launch of Stride V-UP, Unitron aims to deliver an elevated quality of life for those with severe-to-profound hearing loss by combining powerful audibility, connectivity, and aesthetically appealing design into one innovative solution.

About Unitron

At Unitron, we empower people with life-enhancing hearing experiences that fit seamlessly into their world. Our sound performance technology, Experience Innovations, and intuitive design work perfectly together to provide personalization and optimization. Because everyone deserves to Love the experience™.


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