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Holly Hosford-Dunn, PhD, graduated with a BA and MA in Communication Disorders from New Mexico State, completed a PhD in Hearing Sciences at Stanford, and did post-docs at Max Planck Institute (Germany) and Eaton-Peabody Auditory Physiology Lab (Boston). Post-education, she directed the Stanford University Audiology Clinic; developed multi-office private practices in Arizona; authored/edited numerous text books, chapters, journals, and articles; and taught Marketing, Practice Management, Hearing Science, Auditory Electrophysiology, and Amplification in a variety of academic settings.

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Dan Schwartz, Editor, The Hearing Blog

But what about stealing from the taxpayers (Medicare/Medicade fraud)? Let me give you a crystal clear example: In June 2010, Cochlear Americas “settled” with the DOJ by paying an $880,000 fine over their paying kickbacks to CI center staff through CA’s unlawful “Partners Program.” It took former CFO Brenda March filing a qui tam action against Cochlear for violating the Anti-Kickback Act and the False Claims Act to end their “frequent flier” program. Interestingly, unlike America with the strict FCPA laws, Australian laws and governmental policies actually encourage the paying of foreign bribes, as they are allowed to be deducted on their corporate taxes as a customary business expense: The acts that would land a CEO in prison here are actually officially sanctioned down under. Also, it’s worth noting that Cochlear Americas was prosecuted not for the actual acts of bribery of hearing care professionals — Those went unpunished —… Read more »

Mike Metz

An interesting place to start any discussion of ethics is provided by PBS in the Series “Ethics in America”. This series of 10 episodes was started and hosted by Fred Friendly when he was at Columbia, I think. Some really interesting topics and people participated in this series and it is worth the time to stream it from the PBS site.