Hearable Hotties on Parade

Prior posts featured a 2016 taxonomy of Hearables that are no longer with us, in stealth, not entirely wireless, binaural, Smart, or still waiting in the wings.  What’s left?  At present, not as much as one might hope, at least if one is an audiologist.   The winner’s circle is small and, as the Table…

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Let’s Hear It From the Providers

Amidst technological disruption and social policy discussions that cast a pall over the dispensing landscape, it is surprisingly refreshing to hang out with fellow travellers.  That term, often a pejorative, best describes the relationship of Hearing Economics to the world of audiology and hearing aids: “a person who sympathizes with the beliefs of an organization…

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Hearables — what’s happened in the last 6 months

It took less than a year for “Hearable” to replace “hearing aid” in the media.  That remarkable event happened on August 12 when Forbes headlined a “face-off” between two Hearables, which turned out to be Starkey’s Halo versus GN Resound’s LinX2 hearing aids.  As Forbes puts it: High-end digital hearing aids keep getting better and…

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