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Starkey Releases Remote Programming Feature to All Patients

EDEN PRAIRIE, MINNESOTA – In response to the ongoing challenges facing hearing care providers and their patients amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Starkey has made its telehealth technology available to even more hearing aid users.

Effective immediately, the Hearing Care Anywhere remote programming feature is now enabled across all technology tiers of Starkey’s Livio, Livio AI and Livio Edge AI hearing aids. The change allows more patients to receive care from their homes and gives hearing professionals the ability to conduct appointments despite social distancing. 

“This is a very difficult time for the majority of us in the hearing industry. When we developed the Hearing Care Anywhere remote programming feature, we knew it would provide hearing healthcare providers with added convenience and efficiency, but we never imagined the important role it would play in such an unprecedented situation. We are so proud that our relentless dedication to staying on the cutting-edge of hearing technology is helping patients hear better at a time when clear communication is so critical.”

Brandon Sawalich, Starkey President

Through this latest update, even patients whose devices were not originally configured for remote programming are now able to access this important feature. Using the Thrive app, patients can send requests to their hearing providers, who are then able to make fine-tuning adjustments to optimize hearing aid performance remotely. This new measure enhances patient safety by reducing the need for an in-office visit. 

“For many clinics, up to 30% of appointments are for minor adjustments,” said Starkey’s Chief Innovation Officer Dave Fabry, Ph.D. “In the past, clinicians needed to initiate remote programming via the Inspire software during face-to-face visits. Today, those adjustments can be handled remotely through Hearing Care Anywhere.” 

“Since early on during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve had to balance the dilemma of protecting our patients while ensuring their hearing devices are performing optimally,” said Terence Limb, Au.D., of Kirkland, Washington. “In the past, we didn’t always enable Hearing Care Anywhere in Inspire. This update enables me to continue to engage with patients during this difficult time. Moreover, it will change the way that we can better serve patient needs in the future.” 

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Source: Starkey Hearing Technologies

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