audiologist guide disruption

An Audiologist’s Guide to Responding to Professional Threats

by Kim Cavitt, AuD Many audiology practice owners are concerned about the future.  The perceived threats to private practice, such as third-party administrators/provider networks, over the counter/direct to consumer hearing aids, big box retailers, and insurance policies and reimbursement appear to paralyze many and instill anger in others.   There are opportunities that can emerge from…

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starting new audiology practice

Beginning an Audiology Private Practice: Part I – Reality

by Robert M. Traynor, Ed.D. There comes a time when audiologists become disenchanted with working for others and decide to consider starting their own private practice. When this time comes audiologists need to ask the hard questions that go along with the clinical and financial responsibility. Be it a corporation, a limited liability corporation, or…

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professional fitting hearing aids

Heed Your Professional Instinct

We spend years in school to earn a professional degree. We study long hours. We read trade journals. We attend continuing education classes. All of these forms of learning are critically important. But, they may not be our greatest professional asset. Instinct, that feeling we have in our gut, may be our greatest asset. Intuition guides us…

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