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Barbara Weinstein, Innovations In HearingBarbara E. Weinstein, Editor
Innovations in Hearing

Professor Barbara E. Weinstein is a Professor of Audiology at the Graduate Center, CUNY in NYC and an Adjunct Professor of Medicine at NYU School of Medicine. Dr. Weinstein received her Ph.D. from Columbia University where she began her academic career as a young faculty member.  A recipient of numerous national and international awards, Professor Weinstein developed the Hearing Handicap Inventories, the world’s most widely used tools to identify patients with hearing loss which has been translated into 20+ different languages.  Dr. Weinstein’s primary research interests include hearing loss, dementia and social isolation, screening for age related hearing loss and quantification of patient reported outcomes.  Dr. Weinstein has long advocated for the integration of hearing health care into the mainstream be it cultural, medical or religious institutions.  Her research on hearing loss and dementia, and on the social consequences of hearing loss, have profound implications at the intersection of audiology, medicine and society.