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The Future of Hearing Healthcare: Interview with Starkey President, Brandon Sawalich

The hearing healthcare industry continues to face an uncertain future as the result of ongoing technological and regulatory disruption. Furthermore, changes in consumer behavior continue to push professionals to adapt beyond the traditional ways of delivering care. As we look to the new year, we would like to introduce readers to a new series at…

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Clinical Governance and Teleaudiology

by Sophie Brice, PhD The field of audiology has experienced significant changes in recent years with the preparation for Over-The-Counter legislation in the USA for provision of hearing aids without a clinic or Audiologist. Closer to home we are experiencing government investigations into Audiology practices in Australia and a growth of Teleaudiology compatible products now…

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The Importance of a Multi-pronged Customer Acquisition Strategy

Editor’s Note: It’s easy to see that behemoths like Amazon, which combines online shopping, low prices and speedy delivery are utterly transforming the customer experience. Along with Amazon, however, many smaller companies such as Dollar Shave Club and Stitch Fix are getting in on the action by offering a convenient, hassle-free product at a reasonable…

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