Introducing The Audiology Condition
Judy Huch
November 1, 2015

An Old Concept


Judy Huch, The Audiology Condition

Judy Huch, AuD. Editor, The Audiology Condition

The Audiology Condition is a new section, but an old concept that began in 2011 in the Hearing Health section.  I co-edited Hearing Health with other busy practitioners who gave unstintingly of their time and specialty expertise.  Those co-editors  were Scott Frink, Christine Diles, and for the last several years, Bob Martin.

The editorial turn-over reflected the high time and “many hats” demands put on private practitioners–symptoms of The Audiology Condition.  That those editors felt compelled to find time and energy to write in the wee hours about what they were doing and share it with colleagues is a manifestation of  The Audiology Condition.  All successful, caring independent audiologists “suffer” from that condition, most 24/7.


An Important Concept


Over the years,  Hearing Health shifted its focus to disruptions in the profession and industry which are changing the way we practice.  Yet, in the midst of burgeoning disruptions, audiologists in the trenches continued, and will continue on a daily basis, their mission to provide patients of all types and ages with personalized, comprehensive care.  It’s just part of being an Audiologist.

Thus, the need for a new section to uphold an old concept was born.   The Audiology Condition will occupy itself with all manner of clinical and private practice concerns including (in no particular order of importance): diagnoses, test protocols,infectious diseases, equipment, outcome measures, human resource management, fixed costs and variable costs, billing, supervision, safety, counseling, office flow, sound proofing, product selection, pricing, bundling/unbundling, office automation, patient rights (including privacy and portability), office selection and location, marketing, patient and professional education.  The list goes on and on–24/7–just like The Audiology Condition.

First Out of the Chute

Bob Martin PhD

Bob Martin PhD, contributor extraordinaire and former co-editor of Hearing Health

Fittingly, the first post at the Audiology Condition is a continuation of Bob Martin’s “War Against Hearing Loss” series, which began in the Hearing Health section and ends here in the next several posts.  We’ll have the pleasure of Dr. Martin’s editorial company for the remainder of 2015 and then he, too, will retire to the demands of his private practice.

Readers are commended for tearing themselves away from the needs of their practices to read the weekly posts.  We will commend you even more if you are moved to contribute a post in your area of special interest or even join the select group of those with The Audiology Condition who are inspired to contribute to our profession by assuming a co-editor role.  We’re open, 24/7, to new ideas and expertise that bring a clear focus to the clinical landscape and improve The Audiology Condition.

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