Consumer News: What Hearing Aids Actually Do

how hearing aids work
Hearing Health & Technology Matters
July 7, 2018

by Cliff Olson, AuD

“Hearing aids just amplify all sounds.”

“I turn up the volume on the tv an I still can’t hear it clearly so hearing aids won’t work for me.”

“I purchased a ‘hearing aid’ from the corner store and it just made everything louder”

These are common misconceptions of what hearing aids are actually intended to do.  The fact is, hearing aids are NOT designed to “amplify all sounds”. They are much more complex pieces of technology that, when programmed properly, will precisely amplify the sounds you need and not the sounds you don’t.  

If you want to learn more about what hearing aids actually do to treat hearing loss, watch my video:


Clifford Olson is a Doctor of Audiology and Founder of Applied Hearing Solutions in Anthem, Arizona.  He served as a Marine Corps Scout Sniper during his time in the military which introduced him to the profession of Audiology.  He also posts informational videos on his YouTube Channel – DrCliffAuD – to educate consumers on hearing healthcare.


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  1. It is unfortunate that Costco has selected the wrong prescriptive formula for setting up the amplification patterns, resulting in such high return rates (as much as 47%!) They do not specialize in hearing care, but only sell the aids. They don’t know anything about prescriptive formula !

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