This Week in Hearing Recap: Most Viewed Episodes of 2023

December 25, 2023

Over the past year, our episodes have highlighted the diverse innovations and pivotal changes that continue to shape the landscape of hearing healthcare. We explored a spectrum of topics, including cutting-edge audiology research, the latest advancements in audio technology, and the impact of OTC and legislative changes on clinical care.

Here are the top episodes of 2023.

Top Episodes of 2023

What you need to know about Auracast™ broadcast audio from Bluetooth®


Where Did All the Audiologists Go? Audiology Workforce Analysis Deep Dive with Dr. Victor Bray


Inside Starkey’s Genesis AI Technology: A Closer Look with Dave Fabry, Ph.D.


Sony’s Self-Fitting Hearing Aid Technology – Taking a Closer Look


Trends in Auditory Regenerative Medicine: Spiral Therapeutics Novel Drug Delivery System


Audiology in the Age of AI: How Chat GPT and Related Technologies Will Transform Hearing Healthcare


Neuroplastic Promoting Medications for Cochlear Implant Recipients, Interview with Dr. Rene Gifford and Ansley Kunnath


Enjoying Music Again After Implantation – Cochlear Implant Recipients Discuss Experience


cochlear implants voice speech qualityThe Impact of Cochlear Implants on Voice and Speech Production – Interview with Simin Soleimanifar


Inside ReSound’s Nexia Hearing Aid Technology: A Closer Look with Laurel Christensen, PhD


Manufacturing Auditory Neurons with Brian Culley, CEO of Lineage Cell Therapeutics.


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