Hearing Aid Repairs

Wayne Staab
April 15, 2011


Comments on hearing aid repair forms sometimes provide interesting stories for those who are asked to repair the aid.  The following comments and photos provide a background as to why those who repair the aids can experience a roller coaster of emotions when working to fix the device – from interpretations, concern, empathy, and, an occasional chuckle.  The photos are separate comments unrelated to the bold heading above it.

Cuts out in dark weather.  Feedback

Photo of dirt on inside of hearing aid even though it looks clean on the outside..







Mrs. D…… is dying.  Real hard.  My customer for 30 years.  Sent word she would meet me in heaven, etc.     So, no charge please!

Was working in the woods and was hit by a falling tree.

A microwave is not a good place to dry your hearing aid.







Adjust Please set aid so MPO will be at a point two notches or knurls on the vc below its maximum position.

Hearing aid from manufacturer is shown badly damaged as a result of shipping.







We just got the aid back today.  The aid was working better when it was dead.  Send B&K.  Repair correctly.

Hearing aid damage on wedding night.







Lost aid
Dear Sir:  Mr. A…… (dispenser) called me this morning and said you wanted me to write and tell you how I lost my hearing aid.  It got knocked out of my ear during a fight with my husband’s girlfriend.  Sad, but true.  Sincerely

Gentlemen – when aid is not attached to earmold on full volume, it has a very strange whistle.  Please check again.

Pets can cause damage to hearing aids - such as from a boa constrictor.







User wants to kill me.  Save me and fix good and quick.  HELP!!!!   When done and I’m not here,  please send to my estate.

Too much MPO at 1kHz.  Need 5-8 dB less output average.  Increase gain at 2-4 kHz.  Venting and potentiometer has not been able to produce these changes.  Patient likes old aid better.  Help!!!       (Note:  Aid was a dummy.  It had no internal parts).

Hearing aid speaker damaged by shotgun pellet.








Says that if he lays it flat overnight, it takes hours to start working properly.  If he hangs it up, it is better.

Short in volume control.  Aid cuts on and off.  User carries a BIG gun. Really does – 357 magnum.   Please fix it right.

Feedback Please repair.  This aid has more air time between here and your lab than most pilots.

Peanut that looks like a hearing aid.






Eyeglass aid
The pristine integrity of this temple appears to be impaired.




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