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Dr. Wayne Staab is an internationally recognized authority on hearing aids. As President of Dr. Wayne J. Staab and Associates, he is engaged in consulting, research, development, manufacturing, education, and marketing projects related to hearing. Interests away from business include fishing, hunting, hiking, mountain biking, golf, travel, tennis, softball, lecturing, sporting clays, 4-wheeling, archery, swimming, guitar, computers, and photography. Among other pursuits.

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    The recent 2019 legal trademark development in China has seen positive trends towards adopting sound trademark for competitive advantage in the 21st century economy.

    It appears that in China, the legal requirement focuses on ‘distinctiveness’ condition.

    In Asia -Pacific and ASEAN region, new sound trademark is creating a perfect storm-which is a good signs of positive legal development.

    In ASEAN, Malaysia has totally replaced its Trademark Act 1976 with a new Trademarks Bill 2019.
    In view of new legal update in EU new Trademark Directive 2015 and its implementing Regulation 2016, there is a need for China, Asia-Pacific and ASEAN community to harmonise domestic/national trademark laws towards adoption of 21st century Inclusive Economic for all.

    Jeong Chun-Phuoc

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