Signia Hearing Aids: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

January 31, 2023

A Comprehensive Review and Prices

by Jeremy Hillpot

Signia is a hearing aid manufacturer with a reputation for building quality hearing aids with the latest features. Since early 2019, Signia falls under the corporate umbrella of WSAudiology – the largest hearing aid conglomerate in the world – which owns many hearing aid manufacturers and retailers like Widex, Rexton, Sivantos, Audibene, TruHearing,, and HearUSA.

Never falling short when it comes to technology, the most expensive Signia hearing aids offer the following tech and more:

  • Smartphone app controls
  • Bluetooth connections
  • Dolby-Digital sound streaming
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Own Voice Processing 2.0
  • Tinnitus treatment

However, with some Signia hearing aid models priced at $2,300 per ear – and sometimes over $6,000 per pair – are Signia hearing aids worth the cost? In this comprehensive review of Signia hearing aids, we’ll help you decide if this hearing aid brand is for you.

After finishing the article, you will have an in-depth understanding of:

  • Signia Models and Pricing
  • Signia Technology
  • Signia Customer Reviews

Signia Hearing Aid Models and Pricing

Signia offers a range of hearing aid styles and technology, which it categorizes under different model names. Below you’ll find detailed descriptions of three popular Signia models, including their features, and pricing.

Signia hearing aids can cost between $1,500 to $2,300 per ear when purchasing from an online vendor. However, it’s not uncommon for consumers to pay is between $5,000 to $6,000 per pair. This is because most patients buy Signia devices from audiologists or hearing aid clinics, where markups are significantly higher due to “cost bundling,” where they don’t separate the actual cost of the hearing device from the fees for testing, fitting, fine tuning, and follow-up care.

*As you read through the descriptions below, please reference the “Signia Technology” section for definitions of the tech features.

Signia Styletto Hearing Aids

styletto ax hearing aidsThe Styletto line of hearing aids from Signia offers a sleek and stylish appearance for users who want a designer look and feel. Built for patients with mild to severe hearing loss, Styletto is a Receiver in Canal (RIC) hearing aid. That means the hearing aid rests discretely yet visibly behind the ear while the hearing aid receiver inserts in the ear canal.

Styletto’s slim, designer look can be expensive – costing $1,700 per ear when buying from some online, direct-to-customer vendors. Nevertheless, hearing clinics and audiologists may charge up to $1,000 more per Styletto hearing aid.

Depending on which Styletto you select, it could include the following:

  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Bluetooth
  • Signia App
  • Hands free for iOS
  • Direct stream for Android
  • Own Voice Processing (OVP) 2.0
  • Ultra HD e2e Sound Technology
  • Directional Microphones
  • Augmented Focus
  • SoundSmoothing
  • TwinPhone
  • Moisture, Sweat, and Dust Resistance

Currently on its 4th iteration, the Styletto AX replaced the previous Styletto X model, the sleek aids are now offered at all technology levels (from entry level to premium), making ita more affordable option than in the past.

The AX model features two new capabilities: My WellBeing and CallControl. The Styletto AX hearing aid combines cutting-edge functionality, premium design, and enhanced well-being to meet the demands of modern wearers. Additionally, the devices now offer compatibility with the CROS Styletto AX, enabling patients with single-sided deafness to benefit from its unique design – which was previously only available in the company’s other RIC models.

ax charger

Newly redesigned Styletto AX charger

The Styletto AX comes with a pocket-size charging case that wirelessly charges the hearing aids, providing up to 20 hours of runtime per charge. The case offers additional charging for up to four days, ensuring convenience and discretion for users.

Utilizing the AX platform’s dual processing technology, background noise during phone conversations is reduced, ensuring better clarity and intelligibility. Styletto AX joins Signia’s line-up of hearing aids built on the AX platform, which incorporates Augmented Focus™ technology to enhance speech clarity in different listening environments. With state-of-the-art Bluetooth connectivity, users can stream phone calls, music, and TV audio directly to their hearing aids.

Signia Pure Receiver In Canal (RIC) Hearing Aids

The Signia Pure line of hearing aids sacrifices the slim and sleek design of the Styletto lineup, but it’s a powerful hearing loss solution for patients with mild, moderate, severe, and even profound hearing losses. These receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aids rest behind the ear, but they have a slightly bulkier appearance than Styletto, although are still quite small in size, especially compared to older RIC style hearing aids.

Signia Pure AX Charge&Go hearing aids

Making up for this loss of design “elegance,” Pure offers some exciting tech features – depending upon the level of technology (the Pure style aids are offered at all technology levels). The hearing aids can be found online, or in-person, in a wide range of prices – from under $1000 per ear, to over $3000 per ear.

Features included in the Pure Charge&Go X, Pure Charge&Go Nx, Pure 312 X, Pure 312 Nx, Pure 10 Nx, and Pure 13 Nx aren’t that different from each other. Aside from subtle differences in housing, the Charg&Go’s recharging capabilities, and that Nx models have slightly older tech than X models – you’ll generally find technology like:

  • Rechargeable with Travel Charger
  • Bluetooth
  • Signia App
  • myControl App
  • myHearing App
  • Signia Experience
  • Own Voice Processing (OVP)
  • Dynamic Soundscape Processing (DSP)
  • Ultra HD e2e Sound Technology
  • Acoustic Motion Sensor Tech
  • Directional Microphones
  • TwinPhone
  • Moisture, Sweat, Dust Resistant
  • Rocker Switch to Make Program and Volume Adjustments
  • Exchangeable Housing
  • Tinnitus Therapy
  • miniPocket Compatible
  • StreamLine Mic and StreamLine TV Compatible

In late 2021, Signia launched their AX platform of hearing aids, expanding upon the technology and features in the X platform, and include a new lineup of completely redesigned Pure RIC hearing aids. The company continued to expand on the launch into late 2022, expanding their current offerings for a full line up of RIC and custom devices.

  • Pure Charge&Go AX
  • Pure Charge&Go AX T (with telecoil)
  • Pure 312 AX (battery powered)

The newer AX platform boasts extended battery life for the rechargeable models (up to 36 hours of wear time on a single charge) and features convenient connectivity to ASHA-enabled Android phones and iPhones for direct streaming.

New style of receiver and domes were also introduced, which are entirely different than the previous platform.


And new charging system and chargers were also introduced.

Line up of available Pure Charge&Go chargers

Signia Insio Custom Hearing Aids

Signia’s Insio lineup is worth mentioning here due to its different style, which inserts in the ear instead of resting behind it. Signia Insio is suitable for treating mild, moderate, and severe hearing loss conditions. Many patients prefer this style because it treats their hearing conditions discretely, and in the case of the Insio Nx (IIC/CIC), invisibly.

Due to their small size, these models may not offer the same level of technology you’ll find in other Signia models. But the “tiny tech” still makes them expensive. They can cost anywhere from $1299 to over $2,299 per ear from online, direct-to-customer vendors. Nevertheless, hearing clinics and audiologists may charge as much as $1,000 more per Signia Insio hearing aid, depending upon the model chosen.

The Insio aids available in two main versions: ITE/ITC (In the Ear) and IIC/CIC (Invisible in the Canal). Both are small and insert completely in the ear. The only difference is that you can still see the ITE/ITC version, while the IIC/CIC version is so small that it’s almost completely invisible in the canal.

As for technology and features, you may find the following in your Signia Insio hearing aids:

  • Custom-Fitted Housing Required
  • Bluetooth
  • Signia App
  • Ultra HD e2e Sound Technology
  • One Forward Directional Microphone
  • TwinPhone
  • MiniPocket Compatible
  • StreamLine TV and StreamLine Mic Compatible
  • Tinnitus Therapy
  • Removable Battery
  • Push Button Control
  • Waxguard to Protect Hearing Aid
  • (CIC Only) Ultra HD e2e Sound Technology
  • (CIC Only) Binaural One-Mic Directionality
  • (CIC Only) Push Button Control

In late 2021, Signia launched the newest line up of Insio custom aids. Offering many of the features found in its RIC counterparts, along with supporting the latest in Android direct streaming, the new Insio AX custom devices are also available as rechargeable – something previously only available from Starkey.

Signia Hearing Technology

This section will help you understand what Signia’s tech terminology means – so you can make sense of the model descriptions above:

  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Streams sounds from mobile devices and televisions.
  • Directional Microphones: Uses directional microphones to focus on sounds coming from the person you’re talking to.
  • Augmented focus: Separates the focus sound (speech) from surroundings, creating a clear contrast between the two, which makes it easier to follow conversations.
  • Dynamic Soundscape Processing (DSP): Improves sound and speech clarity with advanced digital processing technology for complex sound conditions.
  • Exchangeable Housing: Switch out different skins to change the color and look of your hearing aids to match your outfit or mood.
  • Free Hearing Aid Testing App: Find out whether your hearing health warrants hearing aids by downloading a hearing test app.
  • Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Batteries: Save your fingers by eliminating the hassle of switching out physical batteries.
  • MiniPocket: Change key hearing aid settings with a simple handheld controller.
  • Own Voice Processing (OVN) 2.0: utilizes real-time recognition of the wearer’s voice to deliver a natural own-voice impression. Available for RIC/BTE devices with e2e wireless in binaural fittings.
  • Signia Experience: Improve sound clarity with “Acoustic Motion Sensor” technology, which automatically adjusts your hearing aid for different speech environments.
  • Signia Assistant: Signia Assistant offers wearers instant 24/7 support and troubleshooting around the clock. It provides detailed information in Connexx to address each client’s fine-tuning needs more precisely.
  • Signia App: With the app installed on your smartphone, you have access to various features such as audio streaming, remote control, and remote support.
    • Using the app, you can discreetly adjust the volume and settings of your hearing aids while streaming audio directly to your ears. It also offers 24/7 support through the Signia Assistant, an AI-powered feature that learns your preferences and provides personalized assistance in challenging listening situations.
    • The app includes the My WellBeing feature, which utilizes the hearing aids’ built-in motion sensors to track your daily steps (My Steps) and overall activity level (My Activity). It also measures your usage of the hearing aids (My WearTime) and the amount of social interaction you have (My Conversations) through its unique Own Voice Processing technology.
    • The Signia app allows you to stay connected with your hearing care professional through TeleCare, enabling remote support and communication between visits.
  • Streamline Mic: Stream hands-free sounds from your phone by purchasing additional hardware.
  • StreamLine TV: Stream Dolby Digital sound from your television by purchasing additional hardware.
  • Tinnitus Therapy: Treat Tinnitus with white noise sounds that cover up your tinnitus symptoms.
  • TwinPhone: Stream phone sounds into both of your hearing aids for a “stereo sound” experience.
  • SoundSmoothing: Reduces the annoyance of sudden loud impact sound such as when handling glassware.
  • Ultra HD e2e Sound: Enjoy an HD quality sound experience from your hearing aids.

Signia App

The Signia app is a user-friendly tool designed to enhance the experience of Signia hearing aid users. With this app, users can easily adjust volume levels and sound settings according to their personal preferences. One notable feature is the mask mode, which boosts speech clarity even when wearing a mask.

Additionally, the app offers sound balance adjustment and directional hearing, allowing users to focus on specific sounds or expand their awareness of their surroundings.

The Signia Assistant (described below) is another helpful feature of the app, providing personalized support and suggestions on how to improve the hearing experience. Users can also benefit from remote programming functionality, enabling audiologists to make necessary adjustments to the hearing aids without the need for in-person visits.

signia app features

The Signia app has been redesigned to offer even more features for users

Downloading and connecting the Signia app is a straightforward process, available on both Android and iOS devices. Once connected, users have access to a range of features that enhance their overall hearing experience and provide convenient support.

Overall, the Signia app offers a user-friendly interface and a variety of features to customize and optimize the performance of Signia hearing aids. It aims to provide users with greater control and convenience in their daily lives, ultimately improving their overall hearing satisfaction.

Signia Assistant

ai assistOne of the most helpful and unique parts about the Signia app is the the Signia Assistant – an intelligent system that accompanies you on your hearing journey, providing personalized support and enhancing your overall hearing experience. It utilizes artificial intelligence and deep neural network technology to learn your preferences and create a tailored solution for your individual hearing needs.

Available within the Signia app for iOS and Android smartphones, the Signia Assistant ensures that you have access to important information about your hearing aids at any time. It offers easy-to-understand handling videos and troubleshooting guides to help you get started and remember essential details discussed during your appointments with your hearing care professional.

With the Signia Assistant, you can customize settings according to your personal preferences, resulting in clearer sound and better speech comprehension. It also serves as a reliable source of answers to any questions you may have about handling your hearing aids.

Whether you need assistance during the day or night, the Signia Assistant provides intuitive 24/7 support to address your needs and boost your confidence in managing your hearing success.

Signia Customer Reviews

You’ll gain deeper insights into the Signia brand by reading online reviews – particularly the Signia reviews on Facebook, which give an honest look at this popular hearing treatment solution. Are patients happy with Signia’s “advanced technology”?

Below, we’ve highlighted some telling customers reviews that show you what customers like and dislike about Signia:

Critical Signia Reviews on Facebook:

A critical review from Facebook user Jerry M. on Jan. 5, 2020, states:

“After just 3 weeks my new Signia hearing aids no longer stream to either ear without crackling noise. In addition, the Signia app on my iPhone is junk. It rarely connects and then drops out in short period. Waste of $4k. Returning them tomorrow for a refund.”

 A critical review from Facebook user Joe F. states:

 “I’ve had my stilettos 7 hearing aids exactly one month. Last night, I lost the hearing in the right side. Totally dead. And today, I just lost the left side. They tell me they have to go in for repair. They do not give out loaners. So I will be without hearing for at least 10 days or more. I’m very disappointed, especially after spending $5000. They do not give you a loaner after only a month. I do not recommend these hearing aids. They are not dependable.”

Positive Signia reviews on Facebook:

A positive review from Jarrod B., states:

“I just purchased the Cros Pure charge and go for my left ear, and the 3nx pure charge and go for my right ear and I absolutely love them! Finally, get to experience what it’s like to finally hear!”

 A positive review from Facebook user Kirk Conyers on July 17, 2019, states:

“The ability to hear the conversation at a big table in a crowded restaurant using the spatial configurator is breathtaking. I can usually hear conversations better than the rest of the table.”

Final Thoughts on Signia Hearing Aids

Offered at prices across the spectrum, Signia provides high-quality hearing aids – priced about the same as competing hearing aids offered by Unitron, Costco, and many others. If you plan to purchase your hearing aids from an audiologist or hearing aid clinic, Signia is an excellent choice.

There is an emerging market of affordable, direct-to-consumer and over the counter hearing aids (ex: the Sony OTC devices are made by Signia parent company WS Audiology). These new options range in price, features and quality, but some may only cost a fraction of what a leading brand like Signia costs – however, you sacrifice the option of getting in-person care.

Ultimately, the best thing you can do is arm yourself with the knowledge to make the best decision for your own situation.

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