Is CVS Looking to Take on Costco Hearing Aid Centers? Company to Add Dozens of Hearing Clinics to Stores Across US

cvs hearing aid audiology center
April 24, 2017

WOONSOCKET, RHODE ISLAND — CVS Pharmacy, the largest pharmacy chain the US, announced in April that the company is looking to massively expand the number of hearing centers it has across the country. The company currently has a handful of hearing centers in select markets, which it launched in 2015, and it is now looking to build upon the success of those clinics.

According to sources with knowledge of the plans, as well as a report last week at Drug Store News, CVS wants to increase its hearing center footprint to approximately 50 locations.

In addition to the currently operating locations in Ohio, Texas, and DC area, the company is looking to expand significantly in the southeastern US and also open several locations across the state of California.


CVS Hearing Aid Centers: New Company Profit Center?


Eyeing success of the store-in-store format utilized by Costco’s hearing aid centers, resulting in a 20%+ year-over-year growth– and also seeing Boots Pharmacy’s success with hearing centers in the UK — CVS hopes its gamble on adding hearing centers will be attractive to its customers and boost the bottom line.


“Audio and optical services will not carry a large store footprint, the centers are housed adjacent to pharmacies and have square footage similar to MinuteClinics. It really allows us to have a nice health quadrant in the back of the store. It’s really nice as part of our commitment to care.” –Morgan Diaz, CVS senior director, health services


CVS currently has close to 10,000 locations across the US, making it one of the best known health brands.



What Hearing Aids Does CVS Sell?


We previously reported in 2015 that Sivantos is the sole hearing aid supplier to CVS, under its Rexton label. However, sources tell HHTM that in the second half of 2017, two new hearing aid suppliers have been added to the company’s hearing clinic offerings.

Both Sonova, under its Unitron label, and William Demant, under its Bernafon label, are reported to be available at select CVS hearing centers in the US.


Update June, 2018: We have learned that now GN ReSound hearing aids will soon be available at CVS Hearing Centers in the US. Now, like its much larger competitor Costco, CVS will offer 4 different hearing aid manufacturers to its customers.


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  1. If they provide the same kind of service they give to their Rx customers I believe they have a real problem satisfying hearing aid clients.

  2. Are you crazy….there is a CVS on every corner…they are in health care ….this could be huge…the minute clinics are always busy..why not hearing…

  3. Why not? A small corner in their store where they can warehouse a poor unsuspecting audiologist or dispenser and viola, productive space. Is CVS interested in hearing health care? Right! its all about how to occupy unused space. CVS will find just like Costco that getting some fool to work for them isn’t easy so they will no doubt “train” a dispenser from their staff (a sales clerk aged 19) and they will be off and running. CVS has advertised for someone in New Jersey for months with no luck. Unless they pay like Costco (>$60 K) they won’t make it. As a wise sales rep told me, “it is easy to set up a dispensing office (for a manufacturer) but a lot harder to maintain it”. A prediction–Costco and CVS will be like Rodan and Mothra trying to eat each other.

  4. i disagree with you dr i have a family member thats been wearing hearing aids for over 50 years there first hearing aid lasted them close to 20 years nowdays you be lucky if the hearing aid lasted 7 years at the cost of 10 thousand for a pair this is unacceptable for many especially seniors that can not afford it and many will turn to cvs for the hearing aid needs even if cvs has to send the hearing exam to the hearing aid company directly to have them programmed as a more affordable option.

    1. “Professor Joe”…Even if a hearing aid “lasted” 20 years, the patient should have never been wearing technology that old. Hearing can change a lot in 10- 20 years and the patient should always be wearing technology that fits their loss. Most hearing aids need to be replaced at the 7 year mark because the auditory nerve is not being stimulated properly… that’s the pathway to their brain and it should be stimulated properly at all times… I can promise you that 20 year old aid wasn’t doing that.

  5. Many dispensers and Audiologists at Costco have many years of experience. Employees can go through an apprenticeship program lasting 12 months for licensing through the state. Testing protocol and verification measures are highly standardized. Benchmarks are constantly monitored and sales are not based on commission. Four major manufacturers are available to choose from. Continuing education is mandatory and vendor support is phenomenal. Nothing can beat Costco pricing or their six months full refund return policy for their members. Good luck.

  6. The reason is very simple, It is called market saturation. This is the reason why you do not see hearing Aid Centers in all Wal-Marts, Sears, Costco, Sams and other large retailers, It comes to a point where there would be more supply than demand. So how will CVS pick and choose their locations, Now that is the million dollar question.

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