GN Audio Loses Antitrust Lawsuit Filed Against Plantronics

plantronics jabra gn audio lawsuit
October 26, 2017

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE — On October 18, 2017, a jury in Federal District Court in Delaware ruled in favor of Plantronics in a lawsuit brought by GN Audio (formerly GN Netcom) in 2012 against the company over its business practices. Despite Plantronics having received a $3 million sanction in 2016 over intentionally deleting thousands of emails relevant to the case, the jury panel was said to have deliberated for just over an hour before returning its verdict in favor of Plantronics.

GN Audio, better known for its flagship Jabra brand, said that upon receipt of the written reasons for the judgment, will decide whether or not it will appeal the decision.


“Today s verdict in favor of Plantronics validates our position that Plantronics has always operated fairly  and lawfully in a highly competitive marketplace and that the claims brought by GN Netcom are without merit.” –Joe Burton, Plantronics president and CEO, said in October 18 statement


Part of the GN Group, which includes GN ReSound, GN Audio says the announcement does not impact the financial guidance provided for 2017.

While GN Audio has yet to decide whether it wants to appeal the verdict, Plantronics announced shortly after the verdict that the company is “putting the matter behind us”.


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