SafKan Health Appoints Hearing Industry Veteran, Jackie Phillips, as Vice President of Sales

September 2, 2021

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – SafKan Health, a medical device company that has developed OtoSet® – the first automated and FDA cleared ear cleaning device for the 35 million Americans affected by impacted earwax, today announced the appointment of audiology sales veteran Jackie Phillips, AuD as Vice President of Sales. 

Dr. Phillips brings over 20 years of experience in the audiology industry, including sales,  leadership, and clinical work. She previously served at hearing healthcare companies, Natus Medical and Siemens Hearing. 

“SafKan Health is at an important moment in our mission to improve hearing healthcare. Jackie’s success driving growth and passion for hearing healthcare will be key as we continue to expand adoption of our OtoSet within audiology, primary care, and otolaryngology.” 

–Sahil Diwan, Co-Founder and CEO of SafKan Health

Dr. Phillips joins SafKan Health following the achievement of several significant company milestones, including 510(k) clearance of its OtoSet® Ear Cleaning System by the U.S. Food and  Drug Administration. 

“I have been fortunate to see this industry from several perspectives and have seen impressive  technologies emerge during my career,” said Dr. Phillips. “I am honored and excited to join the  SafKan Health team and help build on the solid foundation that Sahil and his team have built  thus far with the development of this new technology.” 


Addressing a Common Problem for Children and Adults


According to the American Academy of Otolaryngology, excessive or impacted earwax is present in 1 in 10 children, 1 in 20 adults, and more than one-third of the geriatric population. For the last 200 years, the standard of care for the earwax removal procedure has been the Ear & Bladder Syringe. OtoSet® brings the procedure “into the 21st century with the marriage of irrigation and microsuction technology built into an automated and wearable device that offers clinicians unprecedented ease for a quick earwax removal procedure and offers patients a safe, effective, and mess free procedure”. 

“The SafKan Health team is passionate about bringing ear care into the 21st century with their  innovative ear cleaning device, OtoSet. I am excited to serve on the SafKan Health Board and to  achieve the vision we have outlined together as a team.” said Stephen Meyer, the former President & CEO of Welch Allyn. 

Following its vision to improve hearing healthcare, SafKan Health is developing a consumer  version of its OtoSet® that can be used to prevent excessive earwax buildup from home.

“We  plan to do for your ears what electric toothbrushes have done for your teeth,” said Mr. Diwan.


About SafKan Health: 

SafKan Health’s first device, the OtoSet® Ear Cleaning System, is an automated and FDA cleared  ear cleaning device for the 35 million Americans affected by impacted earwax – the leading  cause of conductive hearing loss. The company’s clinical advisors include industry-leading  physicians from the University of Washington Medicine, Kaiser Permanente, and Cedars-Sinai. SafKan Health’s investors include Dreamit Ventures, PCOM Primary Care Innovation Fund, cultivate(MD), and others.


Source: Safkan Health

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