Jabra Releases Newly Upgraded Version of its Elite Sport Hearable

jabra elite sport earphones upgraded
August 1, 2017

Headset maker Jabra, a subsidiary company of the GN Group, announced a newly-upgraded version of its Elite Sport hearable device. The upgraded version gets a 50 percent increase in battery life, taking it to a more competitive 4.5 hours, which puts it more on par with major competitor’s like Bragi, Apple and Samsung.

Like the original version, the Elite Sport earbuds come fully equipped with a heart rate monitor, music/stereo streaming, in-ear audio coaching with real time feedback, and streaming capability. Aside from the upgraded battery life, software enhancements and an updated app help improve user experience.


“While design aesthetics and features are crucial, we also appreciate that to most users battery is ‘king’. All the features in the world can be meaningless if your battery unexpectedly runs out on you. This is true for most electronics products, such as mobile phones and laptops – and certainly also your headphones. With this upgrade of Elite Sport, Jabra has taken a significant step in boosting battery experience in the true wireless category.” Calum MacDougall, SVP at Jabra


According to the company’s press release, the upgraded battery life on the devices was achieved “without adding to the weight or depth of the earphones themselves.”


Jabra Elite Sport: Upgraded


According to the company, previous generation Elite Sport owners can already take advantage of software upgrades on their existing devices for better performance.

The newly upgraded version is now available at retailers and online in the US and Canada, and is priced at $249 USD for a pair.


  1. This is more of a question, so I’ll leave my email address: [email protected]. I want to know if there is anyone anywhere producing a not-expensive PSAP that is waterproof? I have excellent hearing aids for all other purposes, and don’t want anything that expensive just to wear for water aerobics, even if I could get it. But when I hear about hearing devices made for sport, what about water sports? Perhaps they exist and I just don’t know. I’d be glad for any relevant information.

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