iHEAR Medical Announces Launch of Next Generation iHEARhd Hearing Aid

April 5, 2019

SAN LEANDRO, CALIFORNIA iHEAR Medical has announced the launch of the next generation iHEARhd, the “first home-programmable invisible hearing aid for mild to moderate hearing losses”.

According to the company, the new iHEARhd offers 4 new pre-set sound profiles with advanced sound processing and offers what the company says is a “more durable housing and a secure, comfortable fit discreetly inside the ear”.

The company’s new iHEARhd devices are being offered at an introductory price of $299 per ear at the company’s online store, or with optional customized settings available for $399 for customers who submit a recent hearing test, or a take a hearing test at home using the FDA-approved iHEARtest™.


Changes to Management at iHear Medical Announced


Adnan Shennib

In addition to the launch of the newest iHEARhd devices, the company also announced changes in management with Adnan Shennib, founder and chairman of the board for iHEAR, stepping into the CEO role previously held by John Luna

Shennib brings over 30 years of experience in founding and leading hearing innovations at several well-known Silicon Valley startups including ReSound (IPO in 1992) and InSound Medical (acquired by Phonak-Sonova in 2010).

Varun Bhardwaj also joined as VP of Operations to expand the hearing solutions business in retail and online markets. Varun previously held the position of Chief Innovation Officer and brings over 12 years’ experience in management of innovations, intellectual property portfolios, and legal operations.


Source: iHear Medical


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